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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tomb Raider : Legend

Dad, this one is for you :)

Snapshots from TR-7, I was playing yesterday..

I told you the graphics are awesome:)

Almost 5 years after I last played Tomb Raider Chronicles I got TR-7
installed in my lappy...
and boy !!! I'm already addicted...
walkthrough and cheat codes
make the game easier, the real charm lies in exploring it all by yourself.

I still remember those days when Dad and me used to play TR through the night and Mom would wake up to find we are still playing it in the morning. At 7 am, she would usher me to sleep. I'd get up at 9 am , get ready for school...come home in the evening, finish my homework and wait for Dad come home from office to team up together and play again :)

That was much before Hollywood decided to make motion pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)starring Angelina Jolie...and British actress Rhona Mitra appeared as a live action model for Lara Croft from Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider video game series.

Lara was created by one-time Core designer Toby Gard, and grew out of a number of ideas discarded in early concepts. She appears almost invariably with short brown pants, a green top, holsters on both sides of her hip for dual wielded pistols and a small brown backpack. Over the course of the series, she has undergone minor adjustments, such as smoother facial features, reduced breast size and free moving hair...

but she continues to thrill the way she did in the salad days of my gaming.. :)


saurabh said...

just great guess if i would have sat down to write something about the game.. i wouldn't had written from this perspective..
Infact i would have written more from the techie view point.. like
resources required..

speed n stability of the game etc. etc..

so nice piece

Aparna Kar said...

Go ahead! Write your post :)
the techie view point.. like
resources required..
speed n stability of the game etc. etc..

sangram said...

sweet...:)..yeah..i like the one...whr she is hanging frm the cliff....reminds me of the college days..whn we used to play games on our LAN :D....although we never thought of playing u can understand..most of the male community would prefer..playing something like quake or half life :D...nice pics...r u gonna enlarge the last pic. ?...

sangram said...

although i can see the enlarged version of the picture in a new window. :)

zoxcleb said...

so lara finally wrote abt lara :-P

Rohit Arondekar said...

I love the game! I was playing it last week ... btw what are your laptops vitals ? Does it have a graphic card ?! It runs kinda slow on my PC :( ... The graphics are amazing! Especialy the water effects :P

Aparna Kar said...

Gosh !! You should see her after she climbs the cliff...she actually balances herself on her hands with her legs straight in mid air...
We used to complete the feat with SHIFT in TR-III
now she does it all by herself.. :)

Aparna Kar said...

Lol...yeah lara finally wrote abt lara :D

Aparna Kar said...


Mine is a HP Pavilion dv1000

Check out the Reviews in the link.. :)

candid diary said...

It seems this gal (Lara) will never stop sprinting, hanging, climbing, jumping, doing acrobatics, solving riddles, fighting evils and surprising us.
Girls, generally, have liked the role playing games with less violence than games of other genres.
Cool graphics in TR 7, I must say.
Keep playing :)))

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks for defending me there..
(referring to Sangram's comment :D)
I dig the game because there's less of violence and more puzzles and secrets
With due respect to all the Quake/Half-life genre games' fans, somehow I find them a bit gory..

There's action in TR..But she has Style!!!
What's more she's vulnerable..

Racing games like Need For Speed, Superbike etc are great and so are combat games like Delta Force..

But strategy games like AOE fail to interest me for long but I know someone who stays awake all night to play it..

Bro was completely nuts about the simulation IAF thnigie..

Gaming is more of a personal choice ..I can only recommend..
U have to discover ur taste urself..


ur dad said...

Wait... wait 4 me!
I m coming 2 play d game n have a ^5

Aparna Kar said...

Lolzz Dad
I knew u'd want to play TR 7 ..
That's why I am waiting for you and Mom to come over ..

And yeah's a FIVE for you too :D

P.S. Btw you put my blog as ur link?
I thot u had ur official website..lolzz

Aparna Kar said...

@ Dad
seems like someone is stuck with the chat lingo :P
or was in real hurry :D

R u following that "Briteesh destraayed avar kantry faar 150 ears. Lat ass destraay theare laangvedge foryever" princeepaaaaaaaal?

Your Lara :)

saurabh said...

I love Tomb Raider- Lara Croft cos' it has everything that an FPS can offer you, great plotline, Fab graphics, Lots of destruction and it has loads of oomph factor in it..

Who wouldn't love LARA CROFT

ur dad said...

@ aparna
Abt putting ur blog as my link: This is just to tell you that a loophole in the blogger is to be repaired. You can cheat the blogger, pretend to be anyone in 'other' and post a comment. This time my link will take you to Scot Adams.

Aparna Kar said...

I can do without so many Dads..I already got the Best :D

Aparna Kar said...

Here's something for the Gamophobics

Feel blue, say "I do"

Terry Sheridan said...

Someone's gone into retro mode here... thought ya'd got o'er ur "gandi" habits! And seems like less work n more of tomb raiding these days :)

Aparna Kar said...


Who says ?:P
m waiting for mah Dad :D

Rohit Arondekar said...

Thanks for the link up :) btw cool laptop, still though my computer should run the game faster :(

Oooh also, how/what are you using for the jukebox, and is'nt it illegal to allow people to download copyrighted music ? (dont worry not gonna complain or shumfin but I also wanted to do that on my site but I had doubts)

Aparna Kar said...

It's illegal on ur part to download my music :P

I have purchased the music...and I'm posting it..
and yeah if u are downloading the same...its a crime committed on ur part
simple :)

U can hear it though...
no issues..just don't download it!!!

Rohit Arondekar said...

Hey that's cheating! While downloading you have to give a warning!!

Aparna Kar said...

Ok..will make the FTP password protected.
That should suffice :D

diabolic preacher said...

do warnings matter? it's really the 'ought to' factor. all else is luck. i wonder how many yearsmore will the record companies suck money before releasing those classics in the public domain?

as for the 'someone else possibly using my blog link to sign their comments...' i'll be glad for the publicity :) and if u really wanna verify 'the filthy truth' check it's technorati page and you'd know for sure. unless someone messes with my technorati profile password which is ....... :P

Devashish said...

TR7 looks good.. the graphics are awesome... & the babe is as hot as ever! :P
nice post.