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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Anniversary
Your happiness together means "home" to us.
Here's wishing you both years of togetherness and joy to those who behold you.


arun said...

Here is a girl 21st century girl, whom though i have not met yet, but who luvs stranger calling her, by her name, wants her friends to wish her mom and dad on their anniversary...Here i go

"An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow."

Thnk god..u got married..else, may be i would hav missed such a nice way to kill my time usefully reading her blogs! :-)

I feel i dont hav the age to wish them but i pray that they hav lot more reason to celebrate today and everyday.

btw is it 1st anniversary? :-P

Aparna Kar said...

@ Arun
LOL. Thanks
They got married on 27th April, 1978
So count and tell me which anniversray is it :P

saunak said...


Anonymous said...

Wishing the proud parents of a powerhouse of talent a wonderful, enjoyable, sweet, and happy wedding anniversary :)


Anonymous said...

A very happy anniversary to a wonderful couple with two wonderful kids


M S said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary for your Mom n Dad !

-Sathish M S

Anonymous said...

May the anniversary
That are being sent
Your way,
Remind you of the vows
You made upon your
Wedding day.

And may you hold fond
Of every passing year,
And treasure
All the good times with
The one you hold
Most dear.

May sunshine be your
As you walk down life's
And warmth and friendship
Follow through
To everyone you meet.

For you two are a pattern
Of what I call
For you have found that
Has brought you


gajendra said...

Hello Uncle, Aunty. Please accept my warm wishes on this special day. Wish you happy Marriage anniversary.

Mishree said...

A Very,Very Happy Anniversary,Mashi-Mesho.Here's to many many more delightful years of togetherness!!

Love and Cheers,


Siddharth said...

Happy Anniversary,Mashi-Mesho. Here's to many many more delightful years of togetherness!!
Please accept my warm wishes on this special day. Wish you happy Marriage anniversary. Now! Need your lots of blessing!!!! he he he he

saikat said...

*ahem* *ahem* *clears his throat to sing the anniversary song* *then remembers he only knows b'day songs* *decides to stick to writing in place of singing*

There are moments and then there are some moments which are freezed upon time by angels in the walss of Elixir(this time i mean it in the literal sense and not the gibberish i mean generally) Land. ....& one of those precious moment frozen in the frame of time is when a couple's marraige is finally solemnized.

Wishing your mom & dad (aha!) like a Bangali Bahdro Chele would rather refer them as Kaku & Kakima..countless more years of happyness called the marraige bliss...let there be so many precious moments in their life that the walls in the Elixir Land run out of space for the photo frames...Wishing them to be happy always..n thanking them a lot for gifting all of us earthlings; two wonderful people rather call em frnds: dada & appu :)

P.S. - Had met Kakima around a year back i guess....n had tasted some yummy food cooked by her..n i bet have never seen someone simpler than her...

RawK On!!!!

Amit Jha said...

There can be no better reason to comment on appuji's blog at 3:41am in night/morning whatever !

Wishing uncle and aunty a very Happy Anniversary.May god keep bringing all the happiness :)

Amit Jha

candid diary said...

For 29th anniversary there is no traditional gift ( and hence I wish your parents to celebrate diamond jubilee and much more.

Atrayee said...

Wish you a very Happy Anniversary...

Sumitabh said...



Puneet Sharma said...

i wish a very happy marriage aniversary to ur parents...
n also wishing them lovely fortune in the years to come...
celebrate the day wth joy n zeal....

Saurav said...

Wish you a very Happy Anniversary Mrs. & Mr. Kar!
Aparna is an admirable girl, I know u've heard stuff like this before... I wish more men & women could learn about the beauty of life from her :)
I'm learning too... :)

aruna said...

A very happy Marriage Anniversary to ur parents

Arindam said...

Dear Kaku & Kakima,
Do accept my warm and heartiest congratulations and wishes for your anniversary!

sangram said...

A very happy marriage anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Kar. Have a blast today and I fervently hope that this anniversary will pave the way to a centennial anniversary, and still you will have the same ionic bonding to which others will envy and die for :)
dont forget to send the remnants of the anniversary cake to us. we will accept it as an ambrosia to our prosperous life and happiness.:D..

Saurabh said...

Dear Mrs. and Mr.Kar,

I hope you are having a great time today. May this 29th year bring back all the cherishable memories and both of you njoy some quality time together.
I wish that this blog is around at the time of your 50th anniversary so that we all can celebrate this joyous occasion again :D


saikat said...

gosh after reading thru all these formal wishes n comparing it with inane blabbering wish from my end...i really do feel insanity has taken its toll finally :o

saikat said...

@sangram : hope u wont mind sharing a piece ... waiting for the yummmy cake :)

Moid said...

For two wonderful parents on their 29th Wedding Anniversary
"Love" is just a small word that's often used, it's true, but never more sincerely than used by Aparna today for you – Thoughts n memories much too dear for words to ever say prompt this special wish from me that comes with love to you today. Happy Wedding Anniversary! Wishing you both more and more years of togetherness!

passer by said...

Flowers to perfume the days to come ;
Melodies for the couple to humm,
Wind to indulge and celebrate the while,
And prayers that you always bear the smile.

Abir said...

Dear Kaku and Kakima,
Congratulations on your 29th anniversary!

It's a true testimony to the success of your relationship that your daughter can share so much with the world. All these nameless faces have gotten together at Aparna's behest to wish you on this great day.

I know I'm a little late, but then time's relative, and I wish you have another glorious 50 years of life together.

Abir said...

Oh, and to add to my wishes, if you are having cake, I would like a piece of it sometime in the near future...

[Aparna Kar: I hope you are reading!]

sangram said...

@ saikat..
absolutely so.. even if its a trifle one :D.. even if ...its nothing . hehe

KOUSHIK said...

wish u both another year of togetherness with lot of happiness..... aunty u r such a nice person to be with... God bless both of u...

Aparna Kar said...

To all the beautiful people who wished Mom and Dad on their anniversary. Thanks for making the idea work. This was one of the best gifts I could have given them so far away from home.
Btw, I am really pleased to see Mom's popularity among my peers, especially the fans of her culinary skills :D
Dad's got some competition it seems :)
in cooking I mean :D

Dear Dad and Mom, everytime I look at you I wonder how can two people be together for so many years and yet be so much in love.
It's a joy to watch you both.

Be it the surprise pick up at the air port or fetching Mom's favorite flowers or singing "Oh mere dil ke chain" in a party and serenading Mom or Mom being the perfect understanding partner who still blushes when you sing for her- you guys make people realize that true love does not fade with time- it increases and finds new expression everytime.
Hope this brought a smile to you both...
Be the joy you are to others and yourself- creating happiness all the while.
Love forever

saikat said...

@ appu: lovely comment *thumbsup*

Ranjeet said...

Hello Uncle & Aunty,
Wish you a very happy Anniversary. though belated.. but better late than never .. have a great time ahead..

dolby said...

When i first saw the comment, then i realized wow! a year has gone!

“There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.”

Wish your dad and mom in this anniversary to have that feel for each other, forever and ever!

Btw few things still remain the same as it was a year before.. Guess what? I am one happy bachelor ;-) and you are still a girl whom i know just in the cyber world!

Aparna Kar said...

Dear Dolby,

Thanks for the warm wishes, I'm sure that Mom and Dad would really like it when they glimpse through my blog.

You are right, it IS comforting and consoling to have someone next to you who loves you and whom you love back.

But it is ever more escalating to know that you do despite your differences and shortcomings. It is two incomplete people sharing a life together which is more complete owing to the complementary presence of the other.

My parents are as different as chalk and cheese. I often wondered how they could have fallen in love and stayed in love for so long now. (it's almost 3+30 years) But I feel that I have just begun to understand that it isn't dwelling on the differences that makes a relation work, but sharing little moments which can last a lifetime. A stolen kiss, a touch of your hand, a nod of your head which means "I understand " or "I believe you" even when the whole world thinks the contrary.

I'm sure that like most other couples they have had their ups and downs. Their moments of disbelief or doubt- but what has prevailed is what has kept them together. Not out of compulsion but owing to free will. The faith that the other makes life more beautiful.

I don't say that being together is the only way to stay/be in love. But I have seen other couples give up on each other on the slightest excuse. A true companion is hard to find, thinking of my parents and couples like them only makes me realize - it isn't impossible. Also, a perfect relation isn't readymade- you work it out together - to smoothen the rough edges of each other, and in effect , of the relations. It's not being blind to the idiosyncrasies and flaws of your partner, but knowing that for one fault oh his/hers, there are two other things about him/her that make you happy.

It's being the support when the other feels handicapped. You might understand it more completely when you see this is what love means to me A guy who lost his leg, and a girl who lost her arm in an accident make some of the most graceful moves together that I have ever seen. And yeah, they went on to win the Annual Dance Competition on CCTV9 International, Beijing too. However, public recognition is hardly an important thing. It's the chemistry you share which is genuine. ( Though I'm a sucker for PDA and would like my guy to be expressive)

Enough rambling on a Sunday morning. And about the two facts you stated: time changes.

dolby said...

ok i will comment back once i go home (ya me in office now :-()

but the last part..."time changes"

so u wanna read like this from me next year by this time?

I am one unhappy family man! :-p

Suraj said...

Dear Uncle n Aunty,
It gives me great pleasure and an honour to wish u a very happy 30th marriage anniversary.
An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity".
Dinah Craik once said "Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away"
Wishing u both more lovely anniversaries and to tell u something frankly uncle and aunt. U got great kids and i am sure u are proud of them. Have a great time ahead..................HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

sangram said...

To the ever-youthful couple,

This spring heralds the "spring" of your relationship - its only been 30 years!! Let the summer and winter be filled with the fragrance of the spring.. Wish you a very very happy and joyous anniversary!!!
~ Sangram

Aparna Kar said...

@ dolby
Didn't think that way. Sorry. But if you insist... :P

Aparna Kar said...

I loved the quote by Dinah Craik. It very much captures the essence of a successful relation - both in the professional and personal domain. Thanks for your warm wishes :)

Aparna Kar said...

I didn't know you could be poetic too! Aah the delectation of a pleasant discovery !

Shrimati and Shri Kar said...

To arun, saunak, kalyan, tusnin, bear, gajendra, mishree, siddharth, saikat, amit jha, atrayee, sumitabh, puneet sharma, saurav, aruna, arindam, sangram, saurabh, moid, passer by, abir, koushik, ranjeet, dolby and suraj
We thank all of you for wishing us well and for being so nice to us and Aparna. We wish all of you achieve everything that you desire to attain in your lives.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

all the happiness to them... and i love the love is cartoons!!!

Vinesh said...

Thirty years of togetherness!
Wishing your parents a very happy anniversary!

Sam said...

Thirty years?? that's a long time :) :P
Here's to the long life your parents have shared, the wonderful years yet to be shared, the love that they have for each other... and finally to LOVE!!!!
A bit belated...
better late than never!! :D

Pilot-Pooja said...

So cute!