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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What drives you?

There's a friend of mine (the C of ABC tales) who makes "filthy rich" sound so good. I say to him: There are three ways to have money- inherit it, earn it , marry into it. He says he'd prefer to earn it but I know marrying into it is not exactly out of his agenda :D

Then there are others who lust for power. If you have watched Manorama - Six Feet Under, you probably know what kind of big fish I am talking about. Nothing matters to them except their power to influence. Which might gnaw into their own well being later, but it's a high like no other and nothing else ever seems to satisfy them. They believe- power corrupts a few, but weakness corrupts many. And they are probably right.

I always thought I wanted a profile that gives me satisfaction to work in the capacity of. Salary didn't really matter that much as long as I had a comfortable lifestyle. But the question is: How comfortable is comfortable? Some might believe that owning a private jet and a cruise ship is comfortable. Some might think that having ready made warm food after a long day's work is a luxury.

I'm not sure what exactly my emotional and financial requirements are going to be after 2/ 3 years. But I have some idea. I have worked as a communication consultant during my undergrad days, as an intern with Central Forensic Lab, seen an old age home run closely and realized how individual interests give rise to conflicts in the achievements of a common goal. In an e-publishing house , I have found that the flatter the structure of an organization, the less likelihood of conflicts but greater the chances of frustration among employees because of delayed gratification. I want to expand my angle of exposure. I want to learn more. And I don't want to spend a lifetime preparing for a lifetime. I want to be ready now. Be prepared to face whatever comes my way. This is what success means to me.


candid diary said...
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candid diary said...

When you search for ‘instant success’ in Google you find 22,300,000 links but in real life where is 'instant success'? I want to know.

vIbHoR said...

It’s been 27 months I have been in the research and consulting business with the same organization since I stepped out of my Management College. Eventually it’s a kind of a coincidence that numbers in my age and experience superimposed; which is 27, the total comes to 9 (7+2) and number 9 denotes the Mars Planet and it is a planet of War.

“Jindagi Har Kadaam eikk Nayee Jung hai…”

My eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: I opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words ‘EAT ME’ were beautifully marked in currants. ‘Well, I’ll eat it,’ ‘and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I’ll get into the garden, and I don’t care which happens…”

I have got the end of my rope, I have tied a knot.
And I kept telling ma self, the perseverance will lead me in Excellencies, Stability, and Gravity.

I always relate success with time. Very crucial determinants of the feathers in your cap.

I am cherishing ma youth to trust ma old age…

Keep emoting … keep writing

Aparna Kar said...

I probably couldn't make myself clear or you misunderstood me. I am not talking about "instant success". It's more on the lines of what Vibhor said :"I am cherishing ma youth to trust ma old age…"
When I said I want success NOW, I meant to win every battle for the day. Fantasizing about a remote future veiled behind uncertainty is not where I am living. It's right here. Right now.
The essence of Karma Yoga and the most important lesson of my life.

Shantanu said...

The one thing I can predict for most people is this: your definition of success will change as your grow (and as you attain what you though was success before).

And just for the heck of it, let me take issue with "I don't want to spend a lifetime preparing for a lifetime". Really? I guess you are doing an MBA for the 'learning' bit purely? :-)

Devashish said...

From 'what drives you' to 'How comfortable is comfortable'!... to 'what is the meaning of success to you'... is a Looong Chain of thoughts... :)
& Sex (or pleasure) (or lust)

is what i think drives most ppl at the core, to work harder and work more.
Often its also called ambition, what we work for. To make it big in this world. To have an impact.
And, some people work for love. Work because they simply love what they do... or work because they want to be loved... or work for their loved ones. to earn money, to buy them comforts.

These are, primarily, the fundamental reasons why people work, or for that matter work harder & better. And hence these are the reasons that drive people. I think so.

What we should do is that we should try to remove the factor of greed, lust, vanity, avarice etc vices from our drives and motives, and keep our driving motives clear of them.
Then we can select our driving force, and then whatever be that drives us (of course we must be aware of it) will be pure. or good. :)

APomM (A piece of my mind).;0

Sanity in a world of Insanity is insane~The Insane said...

Loud and Clear Lady..!!

Wishing you - Your Success..!!

vIbHoR said...

dear all,
i wd appreciate if you read one of my write ups which compliments the success factor which is "smile"
thats how i define the "success"

keep emoting...

Saurabh said...

Success is a state of mind.
The notion which can make you feel comfortable about yourself and your surroundings.

What you aspire to be and what you are right now, will be linked forever with what you were in your past.
Your drive, your determination or your weariness all come from that.

My suggestion, definetly plan on what you have to do but don't fret over what may or may not happen.

Overplanning can kill the natural desire to succeed, what it does is to make us fear faliure which makes it imperative for us to achieve a spectular success....

arnab said...

I am not sure if I completely follow the chain of thought. Are you defining success as the state of being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it? If so, then that is like a meta-definition; it can even be substituted for "happiness", and in my opinion is a pretty complete definition.

But that is a state one will probably never reach, otherwise life becomes very boring, right? "jete pari, kintu keno jabo"?

Or are you saying it is just the journey, the ability to face every challenge life throws your way, whether or not you "succeed" at those challenges, in the conventional sense of success, that is important?

Oops! That was a very convoluted thought... Time to move onto simpler things, like palak paneer ;-)

Aparna Kar said...

You are right in both interpretations. Success = Happiness. And happiness is not a state, it's being. Therefore, Success = Happiness= Journey. But the parameters of well being changes with time, so it is function of time too.

An year ago, my happiness consisted in reaching a particular street. Yesterday, when I was walking down that street, I couldn't feel the same happiness that I had felt when I had first read the road sign. And I thought to myself, "It'll take a new address to give me the same happiness again."

Maybe happiness is in exploration. And that is why we discover new things/places and feel something akin to happiness. At least I do when I am traveling by myself.

But the definition expands to include people I already know. It's discovering something new about them. Like -when I got to know that my father was a horse riding champ during his PTC days, I felt happy.

It's very difficult to find an absolute definition for happiness. It varies with people, and with ages during a lifetime.What I am doing here is trying to put down my random thoughts and ask you- some of who have seen a lot more of the world than I have, to give me general directions to my pursuit.
I know it always turns inward at the end. But it's in the journey that I am trying to include as many searching souls I can. Maybe this means happiness to me :)

arnab said...

of course!