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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Em Be Yeah

My team members from yesterday's team meeting. From left to right: Wendy, Mike, Gordon, Matt and Vanessa. Next week is going to be crazy for us. We're scheduled to do the data collection (read:interviews) for our team project. Time to update my organizer.
This one to slake Vanessa's complain :) You can take a memory test who's who. :D

Update 8:58 AM, 10/05/2007
Here's a snapshot of how a typical week looks like for me:

10/01 Mon Accounting (AF 610) with Sally Wright 4-5:15 PM, McCormack M01-0428,
10/02 Tues Team meeting (MGT 650)6-9 PM
10/03 Wed Accounting (AF 610) with Sally Wright 4-5:15 PM, McCormack M01-0428, Environmental Management (MGT 671) with Marc Fournier 6-9 PM, Wheatley Hall W01-0045,
10/04 Thurs Organizational Analysis and Skills (MGT 650)with Michael Novak,6-9 PM, McCormack M03-0617

I have off on Fridays.

I also attended the MGT 650 workshops on Project Management by Benyamin Lichtenstein, Collaborative Writing and Editing with Pacey Foster and a guest Lecture by Ed Burke of Dennis K. Burke Inc. on Biodiesel.

I have a book report due next week, the usual weekly assignments , and an Interview with the President of *** on Tuesday. Monday(10/08) is Columbus day, so no classes. An extended weekend. Could have gone out somewhere. Hmmm.

Busy schedule. But well paced. Just enough work to keep me happy.

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Update 3:10 PM, 10/05/2007
On Marc's suggestion, I went Barnes and Noble (Prudential Center) today to get the books I couldn't find at the university store. And boy! I almost believed that I have died and have gone to Heaven. It IS Heaven for bibliophiles like me. All you see is books, books and more books all around. Even a section for DVDs couldn't dilute the pleasure of being surrounded by pages full of wisdom, feelings, or even pure trash.

I went to buy Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and Plan B 2.0 by Lester Brown but when I found that The Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words and The Double Helix by James Watson were available too- I felt my years of search has come to an end. And who could resist buying the biography of Jack Welch after reading the author's note:

"This may seem a strange way to begin an autobiography. A confession: I hate having to use the first person. Nearly everything I've done in life has been accomplished with other people. Yet when you write a book like this, you're forced to use the narrative"I" when it's really the "we" that counts.
I wanted to mention the names of all the people who took this journey with me. My editors kept beating me up, trying to get names out. We finally struck a compromise. That's why the acknowledgments in the back of the book are somewhat long. Please remember that every time you see the word I in these pages, it refers to all those colleagues and friends and some I might have missed."

A sure bait for people oriented individuals like me. Will have to read the rest soon. Good to know that Jack is an alumnus University of Massachusetts. He did his B.S. from UMASS in 1957 and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois. He joined GE in 1960 and was elected vice president in 1972 and vice-chairman in 1979. In 1981, he became the eighth chairman and CEO in the company's 121-year history.

I dragged myself out of the store lest I should turn totally maniacal. Anyways I wanted to get back home and start working on the book report as soon as possible. By the time I am through, you might be seeing a lot of book reviews on this page.

If you want to get to BN, and you live near a red line, all you have to do is take one to Park Street and then from there, the green line to Heath Street. The fourth station is Prudential Center, and after you take the elevator to your left for exit, just take the door on your right and a second elevator will take you right to the store.

There were three incidents that happened on the way and back that has somehow clung to my mind.
1.Near Bayside Expo center, I saw a young man in a wheelchair and a woman walking beside him. They looked like a couple. Maybe it's strange, but I still believe in the power of love and it's ability to overcome any emotional or physical handicap.
2. At Park Street Station, a man was playing a guitar and singing a song in a language I couldn't understand. Maybe he was singing about some long lost love, or of his homeland he had left behind or about a comrade he lost in a war. But it didn't matter, the melody was enchanting. And as long as I stood there, waiting for the red line outbound to Braintree, I kept listening to that haunting music and was transported to a different world.
3. In the T, there stood an old man in his bare essentials. It was pretty cold today, though warmer than usual. He had sports shoes and a backpack on. There were a couple of South Asian girls who were laughing at him. I felt bad. Why do people who need to dye their hair blonde to be "in", laugh at some one who's just being himself? Maybe he's from somewhere that really cold.

Anyways,though it may sound impertinent , I think my MBTI profile of ENFP defines me truly. I 'm an Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceptive individual. And how that works for a future manager? Will let you know in the next post.

Till then
Take Care


candid diary said...

Wendy, Mike, Gordon, Matt, Vanessa and Aparna - the future managers.

vIbHoR said...

Hey Aparna... Good to see ur team members,

Apparently a energy bundle, even while winding up the work guys are smiling.

The postures and appearance tell me a lot.. like Wendy like administration, Mike is bit techy, Gordon seems more in to technical and engineering, Matt has got loads of creative juices and Vanessa more inclined towards people management.

Wot say...? just few observations.
Hope you dont mind.
Good luck for your Interviews.


Aparna Kar said...

Thanks candid :)
I'm sure there are greeting you back too. But Vanessa has already complained that it's a horrible picture :D. I knew I should have got an ipHone instead of the Nokia 5300 music express :D

Aparna Kar said...

Oh sure they are. I am certain they are all going to make great managers someday. We all have different MBTI profiles and that is what accounts for our different perspectives. But in the end, it's a conflict free team I'm glad to be a part of.

About your speculation, I'll take some time to reply to that. Though I have a fair idea and my first impression usually lasts. But one is the best judge of oneself. So, their opinion about themselves would matter more than your or mine. Though, a part of us is always hearsay.

Munmun said...

Yeah! This is what the life of a typical 'grad. student' (in US) is! I love it, now two years down the line! I am sure you would too! Crazy weekdays and chilling weekends: I would suggest you to maximize utilization of weekends.
You might want to go around and explore some of the nearby places. After all, coming to US you start appreciating Nature (which we hardly do in India!). Else would suggest get drunk and 'Party Hard'!! :P

Anonymous said...

I might have to repaet it but it was imperative that a B-chool student understands that "God did not create world in 7 days, he screwed around for 6 days and then pull out an all nighter"

So chill and party for 6 days. the 6th nite is going to be a long one so why not have fun the other 6 days

Rent Paid now Taxes left

Aparna Kar said...

No wonder the world sucks at times. :D The creator didn't make enough efforts to make it, it seems. Result: half baked cake :P
Bacche, it's not your IIM ki night out marr k paper nikal lenge. My accounting course, for instance, has 40% of the course grade for class assignments and 30% for mid sem and 30% for final sem.Though we have the choice to make a distribution of 50(max), 25, 25 or 0(min), 50, 50. Assignments are compulsory even if you opt to not include them for your course grade. How do u suggest I get those precious, precious marks with just "screwing around" for months and then pulling an all nighter?

Aparna Kar said...

Hee hee. Thanks for the suggestion. But the catch is- you need company to get drunk. And I don't think I'll be meeting my family in immediate future. Strange it might seem, I have a thumb rule of not drinking with my friends.
Maybe sometime, if I come to Tempe :)

Also, the best thing to do on weekends really seems to be exploring new places. I have a pending invitation from Medford. Heard Mystic River is a pretty place too. Let's see..

Munmun said...

Yeah sure. Come over here any time! Anirban visited a few months back. He really enjoyed it! And if you don't drink with friends, we can have more constructive past times :) hehe!

arnab said...

ah, i see you already posted your MBTI profile. thought i did a great "deductive" work, but now it looks more like a "detective" work :P

yeah, B&N's are good, if you manage to find a well stocked one... though i am their worst type of customer, browse in a b&n and buy for cheaper on amazon type ;-) well, i do contribute by buying overpriced, over-roasted caffeinated water.

Aparna Kar said...

LOL! I forgot myself that I had posted my profile in the previous post :D But good work Holmes, you and Candid seem to be super sleuths :D

Don't talk of the caffeinated water here. Even Starbucks seems to be selling slush. I'm seriously disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aparna,

I dont know where to leave a comment, but I LOVE your music selection. I am working on the RU486 case with your music on the background-GREAT I tell you!! Anyhue, great page could be very inspirational!

(your 650 classmate)

Aparna Kar said...

Hey! Glad to have to you here. I saw your mail . We are going to have a great presentation as usual. Team Beta rocks. See you on Tuesday