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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The confessions of an ex- orkut junkie

One of my friends often kidded about my addiction to social networking sites, suggesting that I should take up a job in orkut. Now, with the emergence of the social web as way to influence buying decisions and circumvention of marketing messages of traditional media, consumer behavior in the social media is the big thing on Web 2.0. And here to stay.

Honestly, I'd like a job in Social Media Marketing. That intern position for Social Media Director was droolworthy. Hope to hear from them soon. I have another interview today courtesy someone who was kind enough to refer me saying : You are one of those few incredible people we interviewed. Hope this works out for me. Wish me luck.


ILA said...

All the very best and reply soon with +ve Result

A good friend said...

You don't need any luck.
The companies interviewing you need to be lucky to hire you.

Sumit said...

wish you luck!! :)

Tuli said...

All The Very Best!!!

Moumita said...

Hope you land your dream job. My wishes are with you.