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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis : Good Ol' Days

An old friend caught me online. We were together in school and went to the same undergraduate college. He was an awesome dancer, in fact, one of the best dance partners I ever had. And one of those people who believed in my abilities even at times when I did not feel so sure of myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he had been recently promoted to the department chair of Bioinformatics in my undergraduate school. I kidded about not being able to dance with him anymore. He said it was true, he felt wary that his students might see him. And he said that he felt old suddenly.

I reasoned that we are not old (just 25), but definitely mature. And life is a lot more in control now. I believe that.

I promised to give a guest lecture for the MBA students next time I visit India. And yeah, it would be great to see Noida and my campus again.


Sumit said...

it does feel good to meet such friends. a similar friend of mine is coming around to London next week. Looking forward to it...

Munmun said...

oh great! this (guess talk) is a great opportunity for you!

Som said...

i know whu u r talkin abt :)
it must be gr8 to go back to ur alma mater.

Moumita said...

Hey Aparna, Funny to see you going through the crisis thingy at 25. I wrote about my crisis when I was 30.