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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish I were there

Dad receiving President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service from Dr DY Patil, the Governor of Tripura on 26th Jan '10

I remembered the last time Dad received a medal. The whole family was present, including uncles, aunts and cousins. Most accomplishments are considered individual efforts, but my father always acknowledged his family, specially his wife, on occasions such as these. This time even Mom couldn't be around. She is a headmistress now and had to hoist the flag in her school on Republic Day. After that, she tried to make it to the Assam Rifles grounds for the ceremony, but missed it.

There are a lot of families who wish their kids to move to greener pastures but progress comes with a price. I have missed weddings in the family owing to academic commitments. And I am sure they have missed me.

We might have as basic amenities what some people would consider luxuries, but I miss the warmth of affection only a mother can give, the moments in conversations I can have only with my father, and the secrets I can whisper only to my favorite cousin.

Indulging in these fond memories is in vain though. Home, as I knew it as a child, isn't there anymore. We have moved to a bigger house. Most of the younger ones have moved out and have settled down in different places scattered all over the globe. An occasional green icon on a chat window or a phone call reminding me that we share something in common.

There is nothing much I can do, except choose to be with someone who can be family to me. I wish I had the emotional range of a teaspoon or never had the spare time to miss my family. It is true no one spends the entire life with us except ourselves. Thank God for my friends.


SOM said...

Moving to greener pastures and all the luxuries sadly comes at the cost of family and love of parents, something which can't be measured in money or anything else/

Sumit said...

Now that's a price we all pay. Attempts to hold on have been futile. In fact, over the years during growing up sometimes people drift too far apart to reconcile and some by a weird stroke of luck reconnect all over again.
Having been away from home for nearly a decade, I've observed the changes in the dynamics of relationship - at times it amusing, at times its saddening otherwise quite an exhilarating revelation.
Life is full of surprises :)

sejuti said...

True.. and after marriage you have to squeeze in time during THE much awaited India trip to meet your family, friends, cousins and also your husband's now your family + friends.. its easy to think that all the struggle to meet takes the fun out to actually enjoy the moments spent together with our loved ones.. but to me thats what makes it more precious, really

Haddock said...

A proud moment.

suhita said...

Even I cherish the moment when we all went to see boromama receiving the medal from the then governor Ramesh Bhandari (If I remember the name correctly because we both were lil kids at that time).That day i decided to become an IPS officer when i grew up.However that was one of the many things i aspired to become:)
And yes i have missed u LOTS in my wedding.Somehow my wedding was incomplete without your bollywood numbers.Remember we used to spend ages deciding the right songs for the right occasions.Hopefully we can create the magic on your wedding:D

Aparna Kar said...


Yes, the then Governor of Tripura was Ramesh Bhandari. You remember well. It is painful how long I have been away from home and have missed all the important occasions in the past few years on the pretext of acquiring a degree. It is hard to admit that me minus my grades is just a very lonely person right now. But I guess it happens to the best of us. I really would give anything to be with the whole family again, just once more. Don't know why, I have been feeling very homesick lately. Joblessness I presume. A change would be welcome. Very, very welcome.

And of course, fill up your arsenal of tricks. Ankan Jijs had a very safe wedding, don't let my to-be hubby get me that easily. Tuli Boudi is already preparing. ;)

Aparna Kar said...

P.S. @ Suhita

I wanted to be an IAS Officer as a kid, but Dad brainwashed me out of it after ICSE. I mean he said a lot of things which made me reconsider my desired career path. Did you know that I wanted to major in Literature?I still want to study Contemporary Literature, given a chance. :)