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Saturday, January 09, 2010

IMI Kritva 2006 video

Thanks to Saiki, I got the video again. The accompanying story is here.


Saikat said...

good ol' days...good ol' days...miss you all :) ...those were the best days of my life...thanks appu for mentioning it in your blog :)

i still remember the dumb charade..with appu..paro and sajal in a team...and sajal despeartely trying to make them understand the movies name...and in the end blurting out..."kuch to bolooo" :P

more snapshots from memories later

Aparna Kar said...

I remember the whole auditorium burst out in laughter :D Those IIFT guys won it at the end, no? Or was it another team?

Aparna Kar said...

Btw Saiki, a couple of months ago I played dumb charades to guess the weirdest of movie names. Try figuring : Harr Raat Ek Naya Saudagar, Kawari Dulhan. It gave me the creeps, but I did some decent guessing, the guys were googling those up and were pretty convinced that I had watched those movies in my undergrads. :))

Remember that shady looking movie theater in Noida, somewhere near Sector 15? Paro and I used to laugh about it saying someday we will muster the courage to watch what goes on inside :D Never happened. Maybe this time when I visit India, we should all get together for a flick, like old days. Can't be worse than Dubey's choice of 'Shaadi Se Pehle.' :D

Amitabha said...

Good to see the video uploaded in YouTube. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about its quality but for the last several years the video has remained undistorted like your friendship.
I have a copy of the video, downloaded earlier from the AajTak site.
@ saikat: I have lost ur mob no. I hear that u r getting settled. (or r u settled already?) All the best and lots of love to u.

saikat said...

@ amitabha: getting settled on 21st, thanks a lot for the wishes, hope you having a great time, will need your wishes and blessing always. abt appu and me ...our friendship is like the good old single malt, the vintage it adds, the priceless tag becomes more and more prominent...will call you up asap

@ appu: yes IIFT had won...yes yes that infamous movie theatre...i guess we should try the same theatre.... :D ...n am sure paro will run away from the gates.... but it will be fun me..u..paro...dada...n the better halves :)