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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yeh andar ki baat hai

SG was pretty surprised when I told him that there is a Tumblr fan page dedicated to 'Jon Hamm’s Wang', and for the next few minutes we browsed pictures of the aforementioned celebrity’s celebrated anatomy. Though I felt he might harbor a disease like elephantiasis, SG said that he looked healthy (normal?). I offered that Hamm might feel offended that people got distracted by his body parts instead of evaluating him on his acting skills. SG said that some men like it if women stare at their private parts. He quoted a male friend who likes to wear nothing beneath his pants- ‘Women like it.’ I am not sure if that works for him because I never noticed. Not that I particularly like to stare at the crown jewels of people I know.

Guess it is the same philosophy why some women like to show their cleavage. Once, it signified freedom to me and the choice to show or not show whatever part of being a woman wants. Owning your existence. But it can attract the wrong kind of attention, I realized later. They may not see you as an independent, fearless woman but as an ‘easy’ one who wouldn't mind a casual relationship. Bummer if you are looking for love.

I argued further in defense of Hamm’s innocence: ‘Maybe he just likes it that way. I don’t like wearing stuff when I am at home.’

SG: “At home, it is different. But when you are going out you have to pay attention to societal norms. But hey, there are nudists too.’

I found myself thinking about the corsets women wore in the medieval ages that made them faint. The laces were tied tightly to give an illusion of a smaller waist, restricting blood and oxygen flow. Hence, the need for fainting couches. Maybe couple of years later, the hype about padded bras with silicon falsies that makes you ‘look several sizes bigger’ or push-ups that raise your bosom to your mouth will vanish. But until then we can only hope that our concept of beauty remains sane, and we are kind to ourselves and others who fail to conform to it.

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