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Sunday, June 15, 2014

On Father's Day

My father doesn't browse Internet much these days, so no point in wishing him Father's Day here. But I am grateful to him for several reasons-
  1. For standing by me for every decision I took. Right or wrong, he let me own my life.
  2. Investing in my education. My life would have been very different, had he not been progressive by Indian standards
  3. Teaching me to value my dignity, and not to get trampled upon for a 'good woman' certificate.
  4. Letting me see his vulnerable side once when I was very ill. Most people think that he is a very strong man, his traits aligned with his past profession as a police officer, but I know that he is a poet at heart. And this makes me believe that someone who is sometimes intimidating on the outside can be an imputrescible child deep inside.

1 comment:

amitabha said...

You were (& are) worth believing.