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Monday, October 31, 2005

My first love

I knew him since my kindergarten days as the most adorable creature that treaded on Earth.
The first time our eyes met,I knew it was going to be a lasting relation.

We grew up together-sharing our moments of happiness and glad grace,of grief and not-so-graceful awkwardness.

We were secret keepers-me and my German Spitz..

Dad wanted to call him "Rex" but I preferred "Snowy" for his snow-white coat and after the companion of my favourite childhood hero-Tintin.

I still remember the day Dad gifted him to me.Barely a month old, he could hardly walk.But determined to follow me everywhere I went.With his little fluffy paws and a ringed tail-he looked like a ball of white wool-ready to roll.

Snowy grew beautifully.
He was gentle with kids and a smash hit with nubile young women the ladies.
But curiously shy with the females of his own species of marriageable age.

One of my uncles had two bitches female dogs-a coal -black "Lucy" and a whimsical ever- yelping "Crazy"
The first day they came over for a visit he completely ignored them.When the younger,more eager one (Crazy) tried to socialize-he made a face which left no room for any allusions to her romantic ambitions.

He was almost humane.
Many a times.he had leaped up to a chair at the dinner table and demanded to be served along with the other members of the family.
Mom was very strict on such occasions and all he could do to save his face was to pick his bowl in his mouth and sit on his hind legs.

We'd often talk to him knowing he'd understand-not realizing how strange an effect it would have on an onlooker.
A newly appointed home-guard told me once,"There's something I need to tell u...Sir (referring to my dad) talks to the dog!"
It was not long before I found her talking to "the Dog" too.

When Bro left for MLNR(present MNNIT) , for further studies,I felt the absence of a sibling very strongly.
Snowy tried his best to cheer me up...wagging his tail more vigorously when I came home from school everyday.and licking my face more often to wake me up in the morning..
fetching his leash to go for a walk...his demands increased to keep me busy all day.
While I finished my home work,he'd sit under my study table not making any fuss.
When it was over and just before dinner..we'd play throw n fetch with his fav chew-able ball

Crackers always made him upset.
He'd keep his head buried in my arms for comfort if not creep under the bed for refuge.
I'd then pat him and say"It's alright..we all have the right to get scared once in a while"

Once,I was weeping when he sat beside me on my bed and touched my shoulder lightly with his right front paw...
he looked at me & seemed to say,"It's ok. We all have the right to our share of tears"
And I hugged him when he licked my tears .


Rainbow Warrior said...

That was my dog's name too ..

Aparna Kar said...

Now RW we have one more thing in common...We could open a club..owners of all pets named SNOWY

intelligent_bacteria said...

pretty interesting reminded me of my puppy 'pluto' which was stolen by some school- kids...good work...keep writing



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Arsalan said...

Beautiful :)

Garuda yali said...

I miss my Rambo.. after reading this post.