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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Awaarapan... Banjarapan...

The sweetest melodies are those which tell us of our saddest thoughts.
There's something about this song from Jism; I always end up getting into an introspective mood .
Sometimes, when I lie awake at night and wonder- which are the instances where I had gone wrong? Something in my mind tells me - maybe this is going to take more than just one night..Lol

I guess it comes from the belief that " I am in control".
" I am in center"
I give meaning to my life.
And I , only I am responsible for my actions and their consequences.
People who believe in destiny or some cosmic device are happier, they don't end up talking to the mirror.
Waise dekha jaye to- I have nothing to complain about.I have all the comforts of an average girl, living a boring urban life.

But still, I lie awake, listening to that haunting song... and wondering...
Chuck it..who cares?


Arindam said...

Let me begin by saying that sometimes, or rather most of the times our sweetest memories come from our saddest thoughts, when we've conquered those thoughts and have actually found ourselves to be much stronger and more capable than we thought. Its this triumph that brings us unparalleled joy and happiness. And what we do in our lives is more an outcome of what we truely believe in and make decisions to pursue it despite all odds, than anything else - things which people often attribute to destiny, fate etc. Its actually, as I see it, a laziness on our part that hinders us from making our own decisions - the habit of staying within our so called comfort zones. Unless we challenge ourselves continually and make conscious decisions, about our lives, we cannot grow. We must inform ourselves, realise, that its we or me or I , at a an individual level, who make/s the decisions and so there is nothing to complain about. And so there's nothing to regret about when we believe in ourselves and make decisions accordingly. That's the source of happiness and bliss.

Prasoon said...

I kinda agree as well as disagree..

People who leave things to destiny do end up _not_ thinking much about what happened and why n where it was wrong because at times they had at sometime readied for thw 'wrong' itself but then, its not that they don't think at all - sometimes they do ;-)

I am responsible for my actions and their consequences

Anonymous said...

Love with no regrets, live with no excuse.
If life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life you have 1000 reasons to smile.
Keep smiling.
Your smile means a lot to more people than you will ever know.

Abir said...

Honey, these are wonderful thoughts; I refrain from making much comment since we all have such thoughts at some point or the other (and they're more or less rhetorical)... life is after all, a blend of the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, and it's that way for all;
you seem to be bored in life ... move your ass! :)

Roshan R said...

just a different thought - what events occured in ur life around the time that song was on air ..not now, but back then ? It may be that the song today brings back fond / sad memories of a better / worse day.. just a thought..cos it happens to me, thats all :)

Anonymous said...

Must say your are ageing oops sorry maturing very fast..

some ready wit

Anki said...

lot of nice ramblings.
loved the line "Life isn't a book to read, it's a journal to write"

Can I link you up in my blog or rather I AM linking you up in my blog.

Do find some time to visit mine.


Aparna Kar said...

Hey thanks for the link..
It's a great space out there :)
Simply loved it..

you really got me bitten by the little poem-bug again..

Makes me wonder , lost in the vagaries of life, how I forgot what I loved best..POETRY!
Thanks a ton...

The indulgence was refreshing...

Anki said...

Try this one too


candid diary said...

You lie awake as
you have dreams to fulfill,
goals to be achieved,
and miles to go before you sleep.

Anonymous said...

"I believe in you "
I hope it is powerful enough to wash away the cobwebs of uncertainity and help you make a new beginning.
I know you more than you think I do.
Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness.
And I have faith, you will see the morning.
Wake up, rise. Today is a new day

Geschenkron's theory of counterfactuality said...

You can't predict alternative outcomes of events presuming preceding events may have happened differently.

Example: If not for the bad call by the referee, my team would have won the game.

If you factor out the bad call, you don't have any idea what other events would have triggered or unfolded, so the idea that you can say your team would have won is wrong. Any number of other events may have intervened.

A butterfly flaps its wings...and we know what happens.You have a post titled the "The Butterfly Effect" too.

So, it's no point trying to figure out where you went wrong. If you hadn't been wrong there, you could have been wrong somewhere else. Try to concentrate on present events as they unfold each day. Because "NOW" is the only time when you have the power to do anything at all.

Anonymous said...

did you know you look like bipasha in this song. you should only grow your hair a little longer.