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Friday, October 10, 2008

In Pursuit of HappYness III

Unlike some sages of the old, I believe- you can't be happy by secluding yourself. You might not get hurt by being passive, but you won't be happy either. When you want happiness, you have to involve yourself in what you do. And since just one thing or one person can't give you all the happiness, you have to engage yourself in numerous creative activities that make you happy. Naah, more.. that get you ecstatic. Whether it is composing music or working for the less privileged- you have to give yourself a chance to bring out the best in you - in something which you probably didn't know existed as a potential.

And then you can channelize you energy into the selected few- to maximize your happiness- or state of well being. The criteria for choosing them might differ from individual to individual. In the end, everyone defines happiness for himself/herself.

In a lot of ways, I find the Indian education system flawed in this regard(at least during the time I was a part of it). I don't think there is ample scope for a child to choose her area of expertise. Most parents often have preconceived notions about success and they direct their offspring to attain those standards of excellence which they deem to be correct- or are the fruition of their own failed aspirations.

'Let me be like a river. Let me have the right to choose my own path. ' - is what every child should say. I have been fortunate in this regard. My parents never imposed their biases on me. They just suggested alternatives. However, it pains me immensely to see some parents in my immediate family struggling with their kids to excel in domains which they have no talent at.

In Bengali they say - Gaadha pitiye ghoda kora jaay na ( You can't transform a donkey into a horse by beating it) But that is for a farmer who doesn't know the uses of a donkey. Fortunately, there are parents with better discretion.

I wonder what Leonardo Da Vinci's mother (*disregarding/taking into account the historical conjectures made about his personal life) would have had to say about this?

(* Leonardo was the illegitimate son of Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci, a Florentine notary, and Caterina, a peasant who might have been a slave from the Middle East. Source : Wikipedia)


ILA said...

//You can't transform a donkey into a horse by beating it//
Well Said

Mampi said...

As parent to two children now exposed to cut-throat competition, I have learnt to smile when my kids come back with not-IIT level percentage. Its hard for parents to accept that their child is perhaps not perfect in a given subject. The day they realise it, they give the child freedom to be.
Do read this in this context-

Anonymous said...

finally caught up with all your blog posts, it's a potpourri of emotions :)


Taint3d said...

Aloha AK

Just fumbled across ur blog randomly and found ur last post quite interesting, hence i am leaving my 2 cents abt the topic, Not that it would matter, not that i wanna chnage ur way of thinking, not that ud even care, but its been a long silence for me so i am kinda vomiting some of it.

Chance: hmmm
Sometimes giving urself a chance would also mean secluding yourself, so then are we not giving ourselves a chance?

The worst thing about giving urself a chance is that at the end of it all ur still an outside chance (or an inside chance, heh)

So why give urself a chance? Why not just walk towards that cliff where one can stand naked and look into the horizon or look into ur face in the mirror knowing that ur walking the path that would bring out the maximum potential, that creative genius which is the only thing worth living for.

Lets leave the chances for gamblers or ppl who have luck on their side:)

zoxcleb said...

Just lazing about is a waste of the human mind. We really ought to find something fun to do, and channelise all our energy into it. But then, thats too hard for most of us to handle.

Sam said...

i won't say much except now dat one gets saddled with imminent responsibilities... wen one has d chance to chart his/her own course.. life steers u d other way.. n u get stuck in d rut...
but i'll find a way out... my journey continues till then...