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Friday, October 17, 2008

There's no Plan B. This is it.

If you have a plan B you are planning to fail in A and that's not an option. Agree?


Anonymous said...

Do not agree... Going without plan B is risky depending, of course, of what you plan to do. If what you intend to do depends only on your efforts to succeed, then you do not need plan B and you might be right that having a plan B is a "prepared failure". If you are making plans to do something where unknown factors could interfere, then having plan B and eventually C might help!!!

tanuj solanki said...

Do not agree!

U assume you are the only thing in the world!

What if it is a game where there is another fickle party involved. If that 'thing' changed the way it approached the game, Plan A will be kaput!!

Think of it as a cricket match.
Plan A is to get Hayden out... Plan B (and this is when he starts attacking our bowling), dont let him score easily!

perfect sense.

However, i agree to the romantic undertones that u have in your line. It is a nice way to pep oneself!

If you ever get interested in reading abstruse stuff:

Arun Srinivasan said...

If you have mentioned "If I have plan B, I will be failing A and that's not an option"... then i would have agreed... What's your medicine is/will not be not always medicine for others!

sangram said...

If i really want to introspect into this and lay out my opinion in the most lucrative ;) of all solutions, I would rather not have a plan B. For me, I have the strength, the will power, the passion,the perseverance and the undying spirit to succeed in Plan A. In case, I fail after all my honest effort, I will rather not pursue it any further. If I still have the zeal and the passion for the same thing, I will set up another plan A, but this time, the rules will be different and I will approach it in a manner that will be incoherent with my previous one.
~ Sangram

sejuti said...

i dont agree.. go for plan A with heart and soul, but do have a plan B.. the reason y we apply into more than one school or keep career paths open.. even in relationships we never think about it, but everything goes on..people move ahead..even if u dont plan for it..

Anonymous said...

LOL.... Sangram... What you were calling another plan A is just simply the meaning of PLAN B...

'A' Rod said...

It depends on the situation. Not everthing is either black or white.

For example, If you are planning on a long ride, it helps to have a Plan-B.

However, in certain situations when you are pushed to a corner, it brings out the best in you as you there is only one way out.


Aparna Kar said...

@Sangram & Anonymous

I have to agree with Sangram about "...If I still have the zeal and the passion for the same thing, I will set up another plan A, but this time, the rules will be different and I will approach it in a manner that will be incoherent with my previous one." Guess I suffer from OCD. :D

I'd call it Plan A Version 2 and not Plan B- because the expected outcome is the same - only the execution differs. And there lies the difference. Plan B would expect me to compromise with my ultimate objective I had in mind. Whereas plan A.02 requires me to change my attitude/approach/perspective to achieve the same thing- a modification of plan A.

We could argue over the Semantics all day long and yet reach nowhere. What matters is that you get what you want and want it even after you get it. :)

Saurabh Kukreti said...

Hmm.. Plan B, Plan A, why bother planning, in the first place if you think about losing it all.

Shouldn't we be honest and admit we hardly plan for better part of our lives. The only thing we really plan is our education( that too is determined mostly by our parents) and our career selection. Everything else is an outcome of our these 2 decisions. The type of friends we have, the kind of oppurtunities we get. Hell, even the kind of person we end up being with for the rest of our lives.

Truth be told, There is no Plan A or Plan B. What is destined will happen, we just work towards it, unknowingly and if stray the hand of god does the course correction and brings us back on the path we have to follow.