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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crime City on Google+

Vote for your favorite game avatar:)

My favorite is the last one- looks more professional and dressed for combat. Sometimes, I put a FBI vest or a tank top on her, and change her pants to military monochrome.

That's my gang attacking my mobster boss- Natty Blunts.

Attack log of my almost dead boss.
Natty Dead Blunts.

And that's me hanging out with Curtis while he kills his boss. Incidentally, I named my avatar 'Silver Snake', even before I knew a boss named,'Sister Snake' existed.

You will be surprised how many grown-ups all over the world play that game. Nothing like Heavy Rain (which I highly recommend for PS3 players) , but it is interesting for a change.*

My focus so far has been to use my skill points to maximize the energy after ever level-up, so that I can complete jobs faster. It might help to increase the stamina when you have accumulated weapons and mafia strength to win more fights. Also, a big mafia size helps in more than one way. No need to shun invites from people I don't know, since I hardly have anything on my Google+ profile. An advantage I can't have on Facebook, which has become more than the intended 'first five minutes of conversation with a stranger', and more of a daily log of activities.

The last items are usually difficult to collect. I found each one in the 'Fight' section, but am having difficulty in the finding the last items in 'Arena'.

You will find some interesting characters who decorate their hood with messages intended to ward off attack. On one of my robbing sprees, I found this:


It is a shame though, the G+ version doesn't show areas after Fairview. I am in Level 50 , and I don't have any more areas after Fairview or new bosses after Sister Snake on my map. I checked my Facebook, and saw that areas mentioned in the Profile < collections are accessible there. I hope Funzio will do something about it soon for the G+ players.

Here's the loot on my latest Sister Snake kill. Unfortunately, there is a cap for number of mafia, which is level X 5. I already have 260, so the last reward won't get credited yet.

Many hands make light work. Thanks for all your help. More than 3 days remaining, we should finish him soon.  Current Lvl 60.

I am happy I finally received the rare  Bud Roaster Flamethrower with 60 attack. (actually one uncommon and two rare items. But the +12 mafia won't be f any use to me.)

Lvl 61, Completed another collection of victim's clothing and received Bloodshed rifle for it:

It is a good idea to attack back the ones prowling on your hood, you have advantage of more attack strength, you can win respect without spending stamina, and sometimes they drop some random loot.
Received this award after winning 17 consecutive fights.

The fasted Natty went down for me. More than 3 days remaining. Thanks for the help everyone.

I played Farmville for almost 1.5 years, but I don't think I will enjoy playing CC on G+ any more if they don't unlock new areas for mastery and new raid bosses soon.

You can communicate with the developers here

Update on 2/15/2012

Glad to see new raid bosses and areas on G+. Hope to see more soon.

Completed collection to trade for  Zeus Theater Shooter


Found this Man Uses Google+ Game to Propose to Girlfriend , cause the bride attacked me in mobster arena :P

Blues Club collection completed

Really ! Come on !

Why do some of them attack me? So that I can get free experience :D

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