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Friday, October 07, 2011


This picture has done quite some rounds with the punchline: A wife is a matter who the hell u are

So I decided to retaliate with the other aspect of marriage:

P.S. I can joke abt it because I have no such issues.. yet :P


OfficeOffice said...

Hahaha this is funny as hell!!

I was just read a story at, about how a boy & a girl who had been in the same school since kindergarten realized later on in life that they were made for each other. From being school mates who never really mingled with each other to being betrothed & how their story adds a cute-factor to the whole chain of events which makes you smile and feel happy for them. A must read really.

But now i am wondering if this couple too might end up like either one of the pictures. Heh.

Aparna Kar said...

Interesting :)

That was the fun part. The gyaan bit is : there is no offenseless marriage, but if there is enough love, it survives. Though more ppl opt out of temporary unhappiness nowadays. I think it is a good idea to forget the trifles and look at the bigger picture. If that person has added value to our lives, making us happier in ways we couldn't have created alone, I think it is a good practice to ignore the idiosyncrasies of the other and focus on the goodness. :)

sanjana said...

wow what great pics.. truely speaking i love seeing such pics.. and one facebook page which i follow regularly is of they daily come up with such funny and meaningful pics.