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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Water conservation

On Friday, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in California for drought. While we just exclaim upon the absence of rains during the winter, the farmers and fire-fighters are on high alert. It is not the first time that the state declared a drought emergency. California has a climate prone to occasional dry spells. Though agriculture uses 80% of our water, we can do our bit by reducing water consumption voluntarily.  Here are some doable tips for water conservation:

  1. Cut shower times. Avoid using the bath tub.
  2. Repair leaky faucets. 
  3. Don't let the water flow while you brush or shave
  4. Set you load to proper size while doing the laundry. 
  5. If you own a lawn, time your sprinklers
  6. Cover your pool, to prevent loss from evaporation.

1 comment:

Lorenza Coon said...

That just proves that water conservation must be the primary priority of everyone, and must be practiced all around the world. The tips you provided need to be done with self-discipline and self-control. We cannot predict the coming situations, so we should always be prepared and serious regarding the matter. Anyway, thank you for sharing that, Aparna! All the best to you!

Lorenza Coon @ Central Basin