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Monday, January 13, 2014

The taxonomy of desis

San Jose has so many desis, I sometimes forget that I ever left India. Of course, like any other population we have a few types:
  1. The Friendly Desi:  They'll always greet you with a smile and make genuine queries about  your welfare. However, they need to know that certain topics like salary or when the other person intends to start a family etc are considered beyond the scope of civilized conversations.
  2. The Jackass: You know the guy who sits in front of you  in a movie and texts incessantly like his life depended on it? Go out, make a call, come back- what is so difficult?  Or the guy who never cleans his gym equipment after use.
  3. The Stinky Desi:  My Lord, why do your clothes stink of curry all the time? Even I cook every day but I make sure I keep my  apartment well-ventilated. Also, clean the vent-filters once in a blue moon. Yours have advanced stages of lung cancer. Febreze is a wonderful product too.
  4. The Snob Desi:  Best not to comment on them. They know-it-all and have-seen-it-all. Few things   excite them anymore. They expect other  desis to  serve them  though they don't like  them at all.
  5. The Ideal Desi: The 'be-like-him' guy of the family.He is well-mannered, well-read, well-traveled.  His education has opened his mind to the world. He has no prejudice. He knows which cheese to serve with which wine. He is a courteous host and a balanced human being.
There are others sub-genres in the species too. Please don't feel compelled to belong to one of the five classes.

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