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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Just another story....

She has hardly been herself for the past few days..she keeps thinking about him....what he might be doing..whether he was thinking about wonderful it would have been if they were together..

When suddenly she realises she's getting late for a class.

The teacher exclaims"Late???You??" with an expression that suggests that'd be the last thing that could happen on Earth.
She gives a shy,apologetic smile & takes a seat.

They have a pop-up test & she scores 113 out of 120.
"Not bad"..she thinks..

The teacher gives a winning smile.." I'm so proud of u ! You impress me as usual..."

She doesn't understand what is it there to be proud of-she sits attending rest of the class...absent mindedly now..
doodling in her copy -making flowers,eyes..lips...those pair of lips..

How she misses their warmth on her cheeks,her neck,..her own lips...
she wakes up with a shudder..
The whole class is looking at her now.
Her teacher asks" Are you ok? You look sick! "

She asks to be excused from the class-goes to the rest room & splashes water on her face.

Her friend trails her & asks"You ok?"
With a blank expression she nods slightly"Yes....I'm.....fine.."

He warns"It's just not right!!!"
"You're not being fair to yourself!"

She looks through him as if he doesn't exist and walks back to the class.

Bioanalytical techniques is not interesting anymore..The details u had to take care of that intrigued her in the first place appear too boring now..
Besides, she must have done them a few hundred times as a demo in the practical class...

She thinks of what she had been dreaming for the past few nights....the splitting headache is back again...Damn!!


He calls her up that night..but forgets his usual salutations...
Ridz,I have something to say..


I think U've changed...


I mean u r not the girl I fell in love with...
U were so fiercely independent when I first saw u-giving a damn to the world -capable of making her own decisions-that is what attracted me to u ..but now...
u have grown dependent on me...
u r not the cool cat u used to be..

It's isn't so it?
What is it?

Well...Mom wants me to get married soon..she wants a homely girl...u know...& u r ambitious!

She hangs up the phone on him & sits thinking for a while...
The conversation hardly appeared sane to her..

Suddenly she laughs & in her fit starts crying...
For hours she sobs till she feels all the blood vessels in her head will burst.

She goes to the wash basin and looks into the mirror...all swollen and red..this is the face he had fallen in love with..

She has a sudden urge to distort it
..she hits the glass with her fist & hurts her hand..

Suddenly dizzy...she falls on the bathroom floor

(to be continued)


rohit said...

am in the middle of an online test, but,what has happened to ya?May be now you understand, why i didn't comment at times

Aparna Kar said...

No..Not at all..'s just imagination..don't take the post too seriously


Whadya mean dont take it seriously? At times, the things we jest about, and laff about are actually the truth. We just feel that if we laff about it, it will lessen the pain .. and make us normal ... anyway poignant, and very well written .. but I have a feeling that one has to read in betn the lines ... somehow ridz reminds me of u or is it just my fertile imagination seeings things where there isn't even a shadow?

Aparna Kar said...

It's ur perception..ur understanding..

ur view might be as valid as the next person's ...

I can't say if Ridz is completely me..
but ...
she has a few shades of me

Aparna Kar said...


I had changed the names...thx to u..:))

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

wow..don't know you enough to sy if its ridz..but shall say this..

as human's we are yet to attain heights where the brain could work independent of when jotted on paper refrains from being just another chemical..

hats off for giving that chemical good shape..eager to read what happens next..

Aparna Kar said...


what happens next?
Dunno myself...

Aparna Kar said...

As the day dies, with tears in our eyes
There's too few hellos and too many goodbyes
Silence answers our cries...where are we going from here...

We're all on this road, with miles to go
Braving new pathways into the unknown
But who do you ask, when no one really knows
Where we are going from here...

(thx Anuj:)) )

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

the day dies..long before night falls..
night continues..till you hear that wake up call..
there is so much to live in these intersections..
unseeen colors..unexplored destinations..

why should you ask..where should you go..
take one bold step..numerous will follow..
and even if they don't just walk on..
cos twilight persists long after the day is gone..

Aparna Kar said...


thx..that really helped...:))

Rohit said...

shashi u sound very imaginative and interesting...there is so much meaning to all tht u wrote

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

anytime buddy..

thanks rohit.. buzz me at shashi.shekar at ym and find out for urself..

aparna sorry for using this forum..:-P

rohit said... still wondering why did you thank me :p for,i am waiting for what do you add/edit now

darrelerickson3489 said...

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Ice said...

just read your unfinished tale...
preety nice one.
Just another story.. really signifies the day to day confusion a person go thru iin daily life
what does the mystery engulfing the ending all about

Priya Ranjan Singh said...

look u rili cant do like dis...finish it up yaar!

n few questions. plz be precise to answer them :)
1. is it a true story / ur creativity (hehe)
2. is she refers to u by any chance.
3. when ll u write the rest of the things?

hope u care to ans dem well :p cya around. n ya one more vote for ur ways. love ya.

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

here ends ur wait pal..


versatile needs no reason..
breaks the ice in all seasons..

an acknowledgement of compliments recieved..
how you say its percieved..

look inwards emotions are irrational..
yesterday's reason to smile might today be a news dismal..

now you know that i do not..
weave words..but just tie a knot..

Rony said...

I read so many cases of Guys after rejection hitting,stabbing,throwing acid over the girl etc. etc. When will a girl hit these mama's boys' instead of hitting herself in the mirror !!!

Rony said...

keno tomake chaara
Aami saath haara
Bisshas korechi tomaake...
Protibaad jaanabo
Protarona thekabo
Phire aastey hobe tomaake.

If i were to continue the story i wud have the girl put this poster in the guys house.

Aparna Kar said...

I don't know what happens
Any suggestions?

Aparna Kar said...

@Priya Ranjan Singh

1.Real life experience with a bit of imagination sprinkled on it.
2.She refers to me by all means:))
3.Don't know what happens waiting for life to say...or maybe an inspiration

Aparna Kar said...

U have seen rejected guys..
But the wounds of a woman's heart are seldom made public.

Anyways..I wouldn't approve of her going back to him
She deserves better...

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

rony the female of any species is more dangerous than its male..

Aparna Kar said...

LOl..I agree..
Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned

Joshua said...

poignant imagination or tender memories? Either way the girl has to move on. She does certainly deserve better. Wouldn't hurt if the guy ends up with a homely devil of a woman for a wife.

Aparna Kar said...

Specially when it wasn't the reason at all..n he's desperate to be back now..
LOL..experience is a hard teacher..test first..lesson afterwards..
She has decided to move on..

Aparna Kar said...

btw ..just in case I forgot to mention..this might as well be an extract from the Novel I intend to finish scripting some day..Lol..
Wait n Watch...

Joshua said...

A novelle eh ;). Will wait. But patience was never a virtue in my book. So more 'extracts' in a shorter time frame would be nice :D.

Aparna Kar said...

Hmm..will think abt it..but too much of it will marr the sales of the book [:D]

rg said...

Don't you think it'd be a good exercise to atleast remove the "to be continued" tag from this and other such posts? Its been a long time now..I know that no piece of art is ever, in true sense, complete. But, you know you can do better :)

Aparna Kar said...

loved the way u put things :)
shows life in a new perspective :)
time to begin afresh it seems

but let the tag remain. This will remind me to complete the story later..sometime...

Priya Ranjan Singh said...


m back. after 2 yrs n see no updates, hope nothing went wrong at least. i saw ur reply today, great. good lucks.

once again. u were great with this post. perfectionist, in one thing u did so well here. cheers!