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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Can u beat it!!!

What a beautiful day!
And the best thing is..No hangovers..!!

It has been a long time when on a New year's Eve ..she hadn't gone clubbing...
When she said "Nothing" in reply to the query of her friends.."What did u do yesterday?"
The reactions varied from"Eh????" to "What?????!!!"
Followed by a couple of more exclaimation marks..

The incredulity of people amused her..

Yes,this year was different..

The party animal exterior didn't feel the necessity of going out and awing the world anymore...
She just wanted a quiet evening with the person she loved most..

She called up her Mom and talked for sometime before friends started calling her up again ,coaxing her to join their parties...

She politely refused,giving some non-existent reason everytime..
She didn't feel like lying but hurting their feelings was the last thing she wanted to do..
and anyways she wouldn't be able to explain ..N she hated explainations..

There was only one person she felt she was not doing justice to...they had a date together for the evening..for the past 2 years they have been together on every new year's eve..he has been the support system of her life on numerous occasions..but things were changing and she was not ready for it..
The best thing to do which ensured he wouldn't be hurt anymore was to try her best to avoid him..N so she did..

It was 12 midnight n she recieved a message wishing her A Happy New Year with the lament that the network was clogged and he was not able to reach her over the phone..
She tried over her Hutch connection.
"Network Busy" and "Error in connection"was getting a bit monotonous.
The Airtel landline provided some variety..from beep..beep.. beep.. to some indiscernible message in a Southern tongue..she kept smiling instead of getting frustrated..

People have gone berserk!! Everyone is trying to call up someone...

On her umpteenth attempt the call got connected..and it was a quick conversation..but it made her day


omar said...
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omar said...

Aparna is again at her creative best this new year ….. she has her own way of making us realize about the various things that happen for sure, just few minutes before the arrival of the new year.. Thanks aparna it’s been like a reality show reading “Can u beat it!!! Keep going…...Cheers for the New Year

omar said...

Its New Year again there so much fun and music outside, people partying and making it an eventful was the 31st and for others it was like the coming of New Year but for her she is so all with herself she couldn’t make her up mind, a sense of mixed feelings overtook her ….. Whether to say goodbye to the old good year or to welcome the new one... she was just her with her mamma with sometimes and then suddenly she realized she had to welcome the new year like others but.There`s more to what she was thinking. She couldn’t call her loved one she wanted to be with him.But wait theirs no network she felt she’s quarantine.....but there was hope and that’s what made the call …and when she spoke , the one call has given her everything she missed … that’s Aparna

Prasoon said...

the personal touch to the best is seen here yet there appears distinctness.. wow, it really would've been great :)
happy new year !

Aparna Kar said...

@Rest in peace..

U seem to have deleted a

Aparna Kar said...

I guess that's the way it works..I can only write about things that happen to me..or to people who are close to me..
Wish I had an imagination more fantastic than reality..but life never ceases to amaze n I willingly accept my paucity [:)]

Aparna Kar said...

@Omar..'s true..
Apparently it was one of the most unhappening evenings of my life..

But for some strange reason..I was happy..
Genuinely so...

omar said...

aparna "Rest in peace" is omar .. i changed ma display name from that RIP to omar so that u can recoznise me ... u know u are very special and unique in a way that ure persona reflects the creativeness.

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

and here is a wish to make your year..

draw warmth from sun..speed from wind..
but lend your beauty to flowers..
live each second.. inhale each breath..
do not wait for the happy "long hours.."

stop by the street for some time..
lend a smile to the rags on the road..
for happiness ain't something you one can hoard..

stare onto the sun.. and tell him on his eyes..
a big thanks for all happiness.. and all pleasant surprize..
but then when you think of the few sorry moments that have past..
smile again and thank him for they did not last..

smile on and do not wait for a reason..
cos for others to smile..your smile may be the reason..
let joyful effect cascade and spread..
hey buddy..have a fantastic year ahead..

Rony said...

Looks like I wasn't the only party animal without a hangover on 1st morning. But the reason is different. My party ended in the morning after sunrise and the hangover was in the evening :-)

Aparna Kar said...

LOL!! Way to go..!!

Aparna Kar said... one seems to mention the unfairness meted out to the previous character?

Rony said...

@aparna's prev comment

maybe because it was just fair...

Aparna Kar said...

Hmmmm..I guess so...I hope so..