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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A stranger in the Mirror

The puppy lay on the street..wounded..probably dead..but I had no time to bother about stupid puppies..this is absurdly serious..
CAT results are out and I can't find my registration number..
Tension is piling every second and I can feel my nervousness trying to dissipate through my trembling fingers..

Suddenly I remembered when I was getting late for probably the most important date of my life..
I heard yelping and discovered one from the litter had managed to drop inside a culvert..I had to decide..let it wait until someone else finds it..which might not happen at all coz of the blaring traffic...or take the efforts myself..

With leather and jeans and my favourite T ,I set down to work. (much to the amusement of construction workers on the opposite side of the road)
Removing the heavy cover to reach the canine in the conduit..still yelping..I soothed it with soft whispers...

The mother arrived in a while , Grr-ing at me only to realise it is me..her daily catering service.

I left the scene with the bitch licking her ward clean...
a clear conscience.. and dirty clothes

But things are different today..
I had invested some months of my life to take this test..n when results arrive..I can't reach it..

No matter how the score card looks like...or which institute I get through ,through CAT or otherwise..
I will know I will never be the same again...

Coz a part of me has died with the puppy today...




Aparna Kar said...

Mucho Gracias Senor..
I was really upset when I scripted the post.

Present status: CAT admit not found yet

Tried to make up for my callousness by offering the mother a cake after I finished posting a few documents(U guessed it right-requisite of another entrance)

She hurried without even saying a thanks..just a quick wag of a tail n wet look in the eyes..she went and placed the cake btw the remaining 3 of her kids..

Once a female becomes a mother,I guess,she ceases to be anything else

Joshua said...

You aught to change your blogger name to poignant lady or something like that. Each post much more than the previous. Poor puppy though. Had a similar experience once and I simply walked on. Tried calling the blue cross later, but by the time they came, the dog was dead. Thankfully no guilty feelings.

Aparna Kar said...

I am me..n that is enough..

Thx for being so generous with compliments..

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

Life puts us to greater tests than those which could be answered with a flair in vocabs and quants..

You just wrote such a test and have come out with flying colors..

Cheers buddy..there is more to life..

Joshua said...

Whoa !!!! @ sashi as I cower up in the corner of the library trying to learn more words. he he.

changingsun said...

uh...i like the way the stuff seeps through the devil may care attitude

Aparna Kar said...

I take it as a compliment:)
(As if I wud have taken it some other way..)
But really..thx

Rony said...

you have a art of keeping ppl guessing!!!! so what abt calls???
Now u must be wondering" heartless soul", while the post was about Dog, this guy has CAT in his mind.

Aparna Kar said...

89.51..disastrous...after those 96+ percentiles in mocks..
let's see what I'll..may join a B grade school
Waiting for SNAP results to be out now..but this isn't the right forum to discuss career..will catch u online..when I get some time..
what abt u waise?

Sachin said...

Another victim of the feline fatale ?? Yet to bell the elusive chesire CAT ? Ha! Join the club.
Chin up,put ur foot down and say"No more,I ain't letting this debacle ruin my life."
Take another shot.Dont worry,U've got company !!

Aparna Kar said...

Lol..thx..glad to have company..:)

Kranthi said...

"nervousness trying to dissipate through my trembling fingers.." poetic.
"Once a female becomes a mother,I guess,she ceases to be anything else" WoW. One couldn't have been more apt in describing motherhood.

Aparna Kar said...