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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Wishlist

They say it's the season of miracles..
I thought why not come out with my own wishlist ..who knows..if God decides to take a peek into my blog..they might actually be granted..

First I thought of that simply awesome holiday package they are offering..I could wish that-Let Dad have some spare time from his otherwise busy schedule..and the whole of the family might actually go on a tour together -after a loooooooooong time.

Then I thought about that cute guy who plays Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter IV...I might ask for a boyfriend who looks exactly like him..if not better..

Or owning a library full of all the books in the world .

Then I thought of a miraculous way when I could pig on desserts and chocolates and ice creams and sugar candies for one whole week without twinging in the guilt of gaining weight..

Or I could simply ask for waking up one morning to find that I am a maestro in Salsa...

All these and more...

But that doesn't suffice!! :(

What is THE ONE thing that I would like to have ..that could change my life substantially and of those around me....

I thought..and thought..and thought...

Well's not so difficult after all..

I knew I just needed to wish for only one thing..


I call up Mom when I am in trouble or am in need of advice..
I sms Dad when I need some dough..

There are others really dear whom I choose not to understand...whereas with a little effort I could actually be warmer...more compassionate ..and be a part of a relation which can be treasured...

This is it!!!

My wish this year is to have a more loving heart...a little less meanness

more humbleness...a little less ego...

more of trust..and less of insecurities...

A lot of peace among the warring nations...and a bit of it..inside quieten my internal conflicts...

IN Reply to "what one thing would you like to come true for you on this birthday of yours?? Any particular gift (from God) that you wud like to receive?"

By God's grace I have everything (touchwood)
If I wish something then it would be
"Grant me the wisdom to realise the true worth of what I have and the abilty to preserve them"


Confusedoldbong said...

Apu, I am moved by your wishlist. How u echo my feelings. I wish for a world where we would be devoid of inhibitions civilization had forced upon us

Saurabh said...

yar agar main kabhi apne mom dad ko kahunga i'm missing ya aisa kuchh to they'll fly down to see if i'm in proper state of my mind.....:D...kahi khisak to nahi gaya??
Well all i can say for wishlist is AMEN!!

Rony said...

phoo diye jemon beloon phole,
haago tumi paarbena,
bhalobasha bhore, aaro aaro kore
hridoy ki mor baarbena
"aami" ke bhule "tumi" ke dekhbo
bhalobashbo beshi korey
paarbo ki aami dondhyo bholatey,
bhorosha korte mon bhorey

Shune bole she,orey boka meye,
etodineo tui bujhli na,
tui ja cheyechis,royeche tor kaache,
Nijer hridoye khujlina

it's their in your heart. Go discover it. You can love more,you can seek less.You can say you Love. The wish to do so is the first step. The road is ahead. And incase you desire not to walk alone, give your heart to someone who values it and he shall find the way too for he needs to discover it as much as you do.

Aparna Kar said...


We can't Anida..
there are so many factors that stop us from completely being ourselves...
standing the peril of being judged by our loved just one of them
Tai amra sompurno sotto..the complete truth k embrace kortey pari na..
chaileo na..

Sometimes I think..whether this desire of mine to know myself is worth it at all..

as someone rightly told me the other day..

At the end..we might actually feel disgusted to see ourselves in true light..we might say...
"ami erokom!!! na na. eta ami noi. amar ami key khujey paoa ekhono baaki achey..."...

and the journey continues...

Aparna Kar said...

When I was in 1st year..I used to call up Dad often just to say I am missing him
or that he's the greatest Dad in the world..or simply..I love him..
ditto Mom
With passing years I think I have distantiated myself a bit..dunno why..
Maybe I want to pretend to be a grown up..

I know my parents will do the same..(ie fly to me if I say in a quivering voice tht I am missing home-as a matter of fact they do it quite often..)

But still I would like to..sometimes just hug them n say nothing..

Rony said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aparna Kar said...

Aaaaugh!!! Someone is deleting comments again!!!

Aparna Kar said...

That person won't come with a placard I guess...
Excuse my sarcasm..but I could not help it..
So often we talk of "the right person"..but what do we find at the end?

It's fair only when both are putting equal efforts for a relation to work out..otherwise all academic discussion is useless

Aparna Kar said...

BTW, I would like u to enter ur wishes here..think for a while...try at least one..
It feels great..believe me..

Rony said...

I had just written "time check" in the comment which I had deleted. gustakhi maaf for deleting it.

Rony said...

Obviously he/she doesn't come with a "placard". But did i suggest that??? did u suggest that i suggested that??? maybe no for both the questions..
but i wonder why this comes up!!! accha because i talk abt "giving to someone who values.." But most importantly that was not my point. my point was all about discovering yourself. all that u ask for, if money( or Mastercard!!!) can't get it, then it's whithin you.inside your heart!!!!
as for my wishes, i don't know what i want.what can i wish for??? right now maybe an IIM call :-)

Arko said...

it's been long that we've been held hostages in the dungeons of wishes. if wishes were horses, wouldn't i ride?

instead, make a radically new resolution. change "i wish" forever to "i am". change chance to action, replace luck with dispatch.
instead of wishing saying "I love you" more, become the change you want to see in your life. say it now.

Aparna Kar said...


Aha!! This can really work..will na..will do it...

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Dj said...

Quite moving. But dont you think that as you move out on your own two feet the distance is but a side effect.

zoxcleb said...

lovely wishlist.. will add a wish to mine.. that urs are granted!

Aparna Kar said...

I agree there...

Aparna Kar said...

Thx a ton..:)
That was nice
But u still get to make a wish..for urself..:))

zoxcleb said...

thank you for ur kindness in letting me make my own wishes.. but i did say that i will add the wish to my list :)

Aparna Kar said...

y...of silly of me..

Vikas Dwivedi said...

I wish that ur every wish is granted..........Here are my wishes for you at new year eve.......

"Ye Aapki Jinkagi agar
Ek mishaal ho jaaye
Kasam ishwar ki to phir
Kya kamaal ho jaaye.
Aap naamumkin ko bhi
Mumkin bana ke rakh chodein
Woh auron ke liye
Bus ik khayaal ho jaaye.
Aap wo hasti bane ki
jaan na paaye koi
Ishwar bhi hairaan ho aur
Aap sawaal ho jaayein.
Aap itna khaas hon
Ki bhul na paaye koi
Aapki tarah ka chaman mein
Phool na paaye koi.
Ho soonapan jahaan
To aap wahaan raunak kar dein,
Aapki maujoodgi hi
Khud dhamaal ho jaaye.
Koi bhi gam aapke
Kareeb na aaye
Na aapse door koi bhi
khushi hone paaye.
Aapke kadmon ke paas aate hi,
Gum khud-b-khud halaal ho jaaye."

Have a wonderful time ahead.......

Aparna Kar said...

That was very nice...:)
Thx for the new year wishes...

Sachin said...

I too have listed down my wishes here -

varun said...

Real Nice wishlist

Saurav said...

That was a "good" wishlist, something to be said by a hopeful MIss Universe or Miss World when asked the question - & look at my wishlist - a Bugatti Veyron (costs only $1.2 Mill), a McLaren F1 ($1 m), and a Scottish castle thats it, and uh oh a Swiss bank account wouldn't hurt either...

Aparna Kar said...


Aparna Kar said...

That reminds me...
After I visited Auto Expo 2006..n had a crush on a black Ford Mustang ..I decided...let's get realistic...n little more human..

Sp piliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz God give me one FM!!

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Wow you already have everything.. there must be very few ppl in this world who wud think likewise. But there is an inherent contradiction (or catch, if u may wish to refer to it so) in what you said..! it's as follows: "If you already have everything, then u must be valuing the true worth of what you have, else you'll not feel/say so (unless,... u have really low expectations from life :P).. & if you already truely value things you have, you don't need to realise their true worth anymore"! :P :D
unlesss, of course.... if you are wishing that you ""continue" to have the wisdom to realise..."
in that case, if i were God, I wud say 'look within yourself, & you'll find the wish granted there within you. And may the divine Divine Grace continue to be upon you'. amen!

Aparna Kar said...

Amen. Before the Devil crosses the path..let's cross ourselves...
May I "continue" to have the wisdom.