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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

And here's one of your favorite Dilbert strips.

I know you had a tiring journey yesterday and your luggage flew to Patna instead of Delhi-Kolkata-Agartala. I'll pray for your bottle of Worcestershire sauce and Caesar salad dressing to be healthy after the little adventure :D

You kept saying to yourself “Happy Father’s Day” as a pacifier . I hope it helped.
Because when the going gets tough, I try to conjure snapshots in my mind to make myself happy and it works.

Sometimes I wish I had more memories with you from my childhood. But Mom used to say that I’ve to pay a price for being your daughter. I believed her. We couldn’t ask you to be less than what you are.

I often wonder if my guy will be as caring and affectionate. And it’s not because of the splendid tea you wake me up with very morning or because you wipe my tears with your handkerchief ( to check how active my lachrymal glands still are :P ) or because you let me hold your forefinger like a little baby learning to walk when we go out together. It’s so much more than I can ever say.

I want to get to have a holiday with you and Mom soon. A real family vacation. With lots of cooking and mess in the kitchen. Cards, classic movies, a few family get together, jogging and gym in the morning, my calling you up at office in the evening to get home early and a little scotch :P ( I’m allowed now, ain’t I? )

I understood what family really means after I was seceded from it for my education, job, etc etc. Now I want to come home for a while before I leave again- further ahead with my journey.


Dene wala jab bhi deta , deta chappar phad k…
True.. Par baaki time kanjoosi kyu karta hai yaar?

It is a profile that I’d have given my right hand for- had it been offered to me a few months back. But I am in a dilemma. My chances of joining my MBA this Fall are strong.

Bro was furious at me for not having applied to the university of his choice. I think he still deems me a little kid. I love his possessiveness but I also want to prove that I’m grown up enough to make a few decisions myself.

Honestly, it is not considered very wise to apply to only one university. People believe in diversified investments. But I had other ideas about my admissions. I thought if I want to get admitted this year, my score should be good enough to get me through "the one" university of my choice. If I don’t, I can always apply to the other universities next year. My GMAT score will be valid ,plus I’ll have more job experience.

But it’s also imperative that I begin my classes ASAP. No matter what I decide to do, I’ll let you know. Right now? Life’s Good.


Arun Srinivasan said...

Like others i too know which univ u wanna go :-P sure will get bck with comment on this topic...i am also supersensitive when it comes to family but i never gave tongue to pen down though i express only at times :-(

BTW u know wht the materials i shared for GMAT has crossed almost 1100...i have uploaded 4 times as everytime the download reached 250 it all get deleted...may be any GMAT aspirants looking into ur blog may also get the goodness of joining their dream univ...If they want the mats the link is

rest is fine here also, aloha :-)

Anonymous said...

As a new reader of your blog, I was intrigued by your style and method of stiching words together to create a harmony.
However as I did mention before that It felt that "You were playing to the galleries"
Maybe When you are US, We might get a blow by blow account of some intersting situations that you observe.
Best of Luck To You and your University Hunting.

And.. " Don't get pysched up by my comments", U might realize one day ,"I am on your side "

-Bad Wulf

Varun Sadana said...

Fathers day, MBA, bro, cribs, GMAT, everything in one post, and yes, on second look, Dilbert too! wow! everything. Nice read.. seems like I'd have to read the previous posts too, hope to have a nice read! Viola!

Naresh said...

Thats nice that u r gettin a call 4m da scl of ur choice...

All The Best!
ur GMAT post was very informative :)

Aparna Kar said...

@ arun
Thanks for sharing those materials. I'm sure they will be of great help to a GMAT aspirant. :)

P.S. You can have a look at one of Bro's articles here

@bad wulf
You say you are a new reader, then why do u sound like someone I know?

yeah.. it's a kind of chanachoor mix where you don't know what are going to get next. :D Not really organized. But I think I'll keep the "organized writing" to office and loosen up a bit in my blog. What more can I say- keep reading and keep posting.

Not yet. But I hope to. Now, "u r getting" could be the future tense too:) Thanks for the wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... who could that be... ?
I will mark it down as a stange coincidence nothing more.

Did not get a chance to read your latest post will comment on it so Be ready to for another scathing reply

-Bad Wulf