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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Ten Commandments

So what do you do on a lazy Saturday morning?
I came up with these:
1. Tell your Mom about your bad habits before she gets to know about them.
2. Perspicaciousness might save you from making many a mistake. Be informed. It'll give you a clear sight of the situation.
3. A smile is the best thing you can wear.
4. Your family is your best emotional investment.
5. Respect the feelings someone has for you, even if you can't reciprocate.
6. Discover yourself. Each day. The rest will fall in place.
7. If you want the honey don't kick the hive. That is, there are better ways of getting your work done than showing your temper.
8. Be true to the dreams of your youth.
9. Learn to cook well. It's very difficult to be angry at someone who has just fed you a delicious meal.
10. Learn to love yourself in order to love others. Begin by forgiving first.

And here's the original Decalogue that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai:

You can add your list of commandments :)


divy said...

Ye rahe mere dus...

1. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and feel good about it rather than complaining about that extra bit of flab or that bone protruding at the nape of the neck.
2. Not everybody is going to like you so stop trying to impress everybody.
3. Honesty does pay in the long run. its better to be reckoned as an honest human being rather than being a succesful dishonest sly.
4. The better part of a conversation is listening more so when it comes to dating couples. Listen to the lady and give attention to her words rest will follow without burning a hole in the pocket.
5. One must have some extra curricular activity. I belive there is an artist in everyone.
6. Relationships should be like the shadow after the afternoon - its small initially and then grows gradually.
7. People who drive fast meet fatal accidents. this is true not only for real life driving but also friendships,relationships, decision making blah blah blah
8. Spend some time with yourself everyday just to take a stock of the things.
9. fate chooses your parents you choose your friends.
10. Love should be caring enough not to hold too tightly.

candid diary said...

The following Ten Commandments are from this link.

For Taking a Test
Commandment I
Thou shalt study for an exam gradually over a period of days or weeks. Thou shalt not "cram & quot.
Commandment II
Thou shalt go to bed at a reasonable hour the night before an exam.
Commandment III
Thou shalt eat breakfast the morning of an exam.
Commandment IV
Thou shalt not study the day of an exam.
Commandment V
Thou shalt arrive at class five to ten minutes before an exam begins.
Thou shalt sit in thy usual seat unless thou receivest an assigned seat.
Commandment VI
Thou shalt work through the entire test when thou receivest it.
Thou shalt skip any question which thou dost not know how to work immediately and proceedest to the next question.
Commandment VII
Thou shalt check all thy answers after thou doest each problem.
Thou shalt check all thy answers a second time after completing the exam.
Commandment VIII
Thou shalt work on the problems which thou hast skipped only after having gone through the entire test once.
Thou shalt then have more time to devote to these problems without fearing that thou shalt not finish a majority of the exam.
Commandment IX
Thou shalt never turn in an exam early.
Thou shalt check thy answers again if time remains.
Commandment X
Thou shalt have a positive attitude when taking an exam.
Thou shalt be confident that thou knowest the material.

candid diary said...

Talking of The Ten Commandments, the Vatican took time out from strict theological preaching on 19th June 2007 to issue the following Ten Commandments on the moral aspects of driving. You can see the original 36-page compendium
here. For the Ten Commandments read paragraph 61. After reading these I remember that you are always scared of woman drivers. Har…har…har.

I. You shall not kill.
II. The road shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm.
III. Courtesy, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with unforeseen events.
IV. Be charitable and help your neighbour in need, especially victims of accidents.
V. Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.
VI. Charitably convince the young and not so young not to drive when they are not in a fitting condition to do so.
VII. Support the families of accident victims.
VIII. Bring guilty motorists and their victims together, at the appropriate time, so that they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.
IX. On the road, protect the more vulnerable party.
X. Feel responsible towards others.

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks for the commandments for exams Candid. Make sure your kids don't skip one or two specially the Commandment III.
Thou shalt eat breakfast the morning of an exam.

I saw that article on Vatcian's new commandments on driving some days ago. Good idea to spread a social message. Maybe there will be lesser Paris Hiltons or Lindsay Lohans now. ( Shit! I'm naming women again!)
Hush! I am not scared of "women" drivers in general, but women drivers who seem always confused about how to turn the car or when to pull a break. I don't have a driving license yet, but I hope if I learn to drive , I'll practice enough before I hit the road. Because one thing I'll hate more than not learning to drive is learning to drive poorly.
Btw, you should see my Dad driving someday. He used to drive recklessly when he dropped me at school. I resorted to pretending that I'm on a joyride in an amusement park so I felt less scared. But even then I insisted he should drive me to school , in stead of the driver and I should be allowed to sit next to him. Maybe it was faith that bound me to him. That binds me to him. And I knew - no matter what- I'll reach school safe :)

arnab said...

girl, i didn't know you have "bad habits"!!!! and i like you commandment 9 - that's a critical factor for world peace :-)

oh, and you should be having breakfast every morning, regardless of an impending exam.

as far as women drivers are concerned, i don't think they have any more problems with turning or breaking than men. but show me a man driving a big suv while talking on the phone and putting on makeup at the same time :-)

Aparna Kar said...

I have "bad habits" that only my mom knows about :D
"critical factor for world peace" LOL I liked that. I hope the other guys are taking notes too :P
Okkk.. I have started having fruits for breakfast now. Saves me a lot of effort. Just peel and have. And sometimes- don't even do that. Cold fruits and milk make the best meal for me anytime. I hope my better half learns to cook well or prefers to eat raw- coz I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cooking everyday. It's an art, it should be done only on occasions -right?

Anonymous said...

judging by your pictures...I would change your 3rd commandment to 'A confdence is the best thing you can wear'

-Bad Wulf

Kalyan said...

1. Make yet another attempt to get up from bed and move ahead
2. Introspection
3. List out some attributes to figure out how not to be in your life ahead
4. Try to figure out the most important lessons of your life
5. Sit and email your friends, narrating your boredom
6. Watch a play - doesn't matter if it is good or bad
7. Try to find out what constitutes an "amazing cup of chai"
8. Call up a good friend
9. Read news articles on Paris Hilton's stay in jail
10. Read your fav blogs - doesn't matter if you know, have met the author ;)

passer by said...

1.If you are running out of clean undies, buy new ones/wash old ones.
2.Surprize someone far off with an unexpected call and make his/her day.
3.Stay away from internet, thats the biggest thief of time.
4.Experiment in the kitchen..remember even buoyancy was serendipity.
5.Collect ur week long thoughts, put them somewhere in some form.
6.Thank the one who makes ur day, by the sweet nothings on phone the previous night.
7.Try origami, a child's play but is fun.
8.Lie down on the floor with ur feet on the bed and try a difficult sudoku.
9.Learn a new word, I learned Smart Alec and Gallimaufry.
10.Keep hunting for the 10th one.

Aparna Kar said...

@passer by
How about the 11th commandment? "Thou shall not be caught " :P

Naresh said...

Only One Commandment...

Thou Shalt not make any commandments :P

saikat said...


1)Thou shall not wake up :P
2)Thou shall not attend any phone calls
3)Thou shall make your quilt your best friend
4)Thou shall not fix any meetings with anyone (some exceptions accepted :P )on the holy ZZzzzz days
5)Thou shall feel lazy
6)Thou shall 'keep on dreaming'
7)Thou shall encourage dieting and use that time ZZzzzing :D
8)Thou shall remove the cells of your watches on sat that you are not aware of time :P
9)Even if your eyes open, thou shall forcibly close them
10)Now sleep :D

Varun Sadana said...

Whoa.. too idealistic.. Even if u think of making 10, i cant. cause i dont think working by rules is the best way to get the best out of it.. And the above four lines that i have written might as well be an escapism for my shying away from work, all my life!

Aparna Kar said...

@bad Wulf
Was that a compliment? :O
Anyways. I got to know who Bad Wulf is.. so no point using his name to comment... coz he'll tell me which ones are his..

Bart Simpson said...

My 10 Commandments
1) Love unconditionally when you do.
2) Not expect everyone to thank you and give you credit, for even Jesus was thanked by only one of his disciples.
3) Remember to see things from the other person's point of view before blaming him/her for something.
4) Always give others a second chance to prove themselves, but NEVER a third chance.
5) Remember that you are important, and so are your words, even if no one else thinks so.
6) Realize that there is a first step to every journey.
7) Respect others. Only those who can respect others is worthy of respect for himself
8) Accept it when you make a mistake. Sorry bolne se koi chhota nahi hota.
9) Always thank others. Remember how you felt when they didn't thank you.
10) Remember that silence is not always golden.

skullz said...

Your family is your best emotional investment This line hit my cerberal waves and told me that "U got to comment on this blog" ... U are very rite on that line.I have just realsied and ops!!! i stumbled upon ur blog.I have my own ten will be puttin shorthly on my blog. :)

Entertainer said...

My comndmnts..
1) Thou shall eat thou cake n steel the others.thn leave a stain on ur shirt..let them find out
2) you shall lie and have a naughty smile..let them find out
3) You shall not do it whn ur mom says to do it better whn she forgets it..
4) Always tease ur friends with their worst tragedy..they soon will begin laughin at it
5) Sing the song they hate to hear always..soon they start singin it..
6) Show that dont care attitude whn you really care..your best friend will still find out u care
7) Thou shall accept that u are a fool... it will reduce your embarassement whn they find it out.
8) Silence is golden ..but speech is a diamond.. it can kill silence..
9) Help others and ask for the credit..its better to keep quiet n not to do it again
10)cry it out whn u feel cheers u fast n cheer others too...