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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life is beautiful...

We often forget the wonder of all wonders..the vital force that lies within each of us.
Most of the times I am not conscious how lucky I am to be alive,to be fortunate to close my eyes in feigned death each night to visit graceland...n dream even the seemingly impossible to wake the next morning with the oppurtunity to materialise it.
This is life ,a process of continuous self-evolution.To accomplish,to achieve,to be more than what we initially started our journey with.

But what is death?
Biologically, it is the ceasation of protoplasmic activity.
Just a full stop( I'm not talking about the phase of existence after physiologial death here)

That makes me wonder..what legacy am I going to leave behind when I am gone?

There lies the paradox..we never realise the value of life until we think of death.
Compared to the vastness of universe..our existence is so miniscule,so scant, so unimportant that we suddenly feel detached and all the efforts seem to be in vain.

Maybe that is why we fall in love,we get married( to the person we love most-ideally)
We want a witness to even our mundane day-to-day events.
We want to say-"I want to leave behind a part of me with you when I am gone"

We might not achieve immortality but we assume considerable significance.Our existence is acknowledged and cherished.


Sagar Neel De said...

This one is a true diary note and something from your inner core.... I wont say much....This is your philosophy and I respest everybody's thoughts ...... Well I can add something..... recently I watched a movie named "Hitch" and it said "Life is not about breadth taking moments, but moments that take your breadth away"

But you know, at the end of the day and end of any finite expanse of time we want to be happy And maybe thats why we love, marry, reproduce and do all such activities that seem to be mundane and painful to us.

anuj said...

WOOOOOOO !! Nice definition of love & life. Ya its true u love someone to make him/her a part of u. one whos a refletion of u !!!!

Thats what they mean by "Two bodies & single soul". So isn't love beautiful. And so we r lucky enough to be able to experience it.

Trey~sK said...

the paradox and irony is definitely undeniable. but nevertheless, we still go on with our little lives and who knows, someone may enlighten us.

Priyavadan said...

ah well desirable men being either dead gay blah blah, no, wait, stop, think...honestly speaking, being in solitude is the best thing..

"Life is not about breadth taking moments, but moments that take your breadth away"

all I do at that kinda statements is laugh heartedly. But, thats just me, no harm intended..

Aparna Kar said...

Ok. Priya
Breadth=width(also tolerance..that's for you)

Breath=Exhaled air

I know u didn't mean harm...I'm a nitpicker myself

As for Solitude..I'm her worshipper too..but once in a while you feel u could do with a company other than yourself.

The man you would like to be with might be in Pluto is not a comforting thought.

The post was written in clean humour n in the spur of the moment(Honestly I don't even remember how that guy actually looked like).Period

Confusedoldbong said...

Good to see somebody follows this philosophy.. but do we really practise it?

Then it's a case of 'Galpo holo satthi' or it's hindi remake 'Bawarchi'