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Monday, June 06, 2005

Of Azure and Red

On Saturday , I was blue and so I decided to freak out with one of my closest gal pal.She almost religiously checks out the guy crowd in Centrestage Mall.(In college lingo we call it NSP-Nain Sukh Prapti).I decided to join in for a change.
It actually took me some time to hit on a guy.He wasn't too flashy.A soothing face,a physique which I would grade..average plus delta(towards obesity).
Not the "Oh!! So HOT!!" kinds but the one for the keeps.
While I crossed him, I looked at him admiringly and he flashed me a smile of acknowledgement.I was almost expecting him to come after me (as had been in cases even when I hadn't shown interest & in this case..I was expressive)
But,to my surprise,he turned almost 180 degrees as if expecting someone else to come from the wing of the building I had come from.
Alighting from the stairs I saw him with a chick who seemed to appear by his side like a conjurer's trick..
The guy upstairs has a weird sense of humour!!

Finally I reconciled to the fact that "ALL DESIRABLE MEN ARE MARRIED/COMMITTED,GAY OR DEAD"

P.S Of course,I wasn't blue anymore,I was red with embarrassment.

And that marked the end of my NSP-ing career


Sagar Neel De said...

Pretty good way to express yourself. Keep writing.

But I object you generalizing stuff.... I am totally not a desirable man anymore.... but some players just dont prefer or dream that.

BTW I am the "who clicked you?" wala guy..... Anyways .... Your lucid writing is quite good. Keep writin.


Gay--possibly. Cause even married men/engaged men are not that impassive.

anuj said...

Hey the NSP stuff is good. I knew that girls do it but never thought that one would express it. There it goes 21 st century girl !!!!

I guess desirable men r not dead, & some r straight (sexually) as well, its just that u caught up with a wrong one.

And plz. never think of givin up NSP till ur committed.what will happen to guys like me ???? Cheer up girl......

Prasoon said...

aisa bhi hota hai??

Aparna Kar said...

Ha ji..aisa bhi hota hai..
but what was the element of surprise for u?