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Friday, June 10, 2005

The maverick and the traditional

Finally !!! I got my navel pierced.Dad's reaction was "Well Done! You have done a great job"
This is just his way..and I love him for that.The element of surprise is so negligible in him..I sometimes wonder if it is by virtue of being my Dad or he was born with it.
Anyways he has always been liberal and fortunately so.
I had mentioned once casually to one of my aunts(in January) the infinite possibilities(read:regions) of getting a piercing done and she nearly fainted.
I dropped the idea because she almost scared me to death when she claimed that I was prone to being HIV+ as soon as I got a needle stuck in my body(that is why I'm bidding my time to get a tattoo done)
6 months is more than enough to suppress a desire.I was in GK-I , M-block market yesterday and the idea came back to me.
What if I died tomorrow? I would always repent not having done something I wanted to.
At least I would like my corpse better with a navel ring (Dunno how this fascination with navel rings first memories are that of Antara Mali doing a "Makhmali yeh badan ki nazaakatey haseen.."in Road and then Lara Dutta in "Chori Chori chhora chhori.." in Masti...I just couldn't take my eyes off those females!!)
Back in hostel it caused quite a stir among my friends..everybody wanted to get a glimpse of it..after many sessions of photography and video clippings with in built camera in cell phones.. did they rest satisfied.
I celebrated the new addition to my body by throwing a dance party in my room.Lights off,windows open,deck in full volume..n ACTION!!!

Suddenly I remembered something.
The previous day I was sitting with a couple of my friends in Swirls relishing ice creams when an elderly couple entered the ice -cream parlour..I noticed there was a scarcity of seats and readily gave up my seat (one of my old habits..been teased a lot by companions for this n been appreciated a few times ..but what the heck! I am what I am)
When I was paying the bill one of my friends was told"You girls are really well mannered ..Keep it up!"
I got the message and felt glad that she acknowledged.
Sometimes elders demand respect as if we have no other way out.But if someone genuinely appreciates our efforts or even a good feels great..
But it is not what I was thinking..when I was dishing out the most wacky(Ahem!read : erotic) steps much to the delight of my companions.I thought what would the lady say if she saw me NOW!!

Thank God we can lead a multifaceted life and each personality is in sharp contrast with the other.Too much of conventionalism would make life insipid and over dose of entertainment would be unhealthy.


Aparna Kar said...

Most might not realise what is so happening about such a trifling thing.But it is not the is the idea I'm trying to convey..If u have a desire -fulfill it.
I believe..if u can concieve the desire..u have the potential to actualise it too.
All the best!!

Rainbow Warrior said...

Well I agree with you ,,,very rightly said ,,,,,If you want it , just go and get it . Well I am reading your writings for the first time ..... and lady .....I was impressed .

anuj said...

Having a go at ur desires, may be the best way to be happy. But may be its not possible always. Though every one should try hard to fulfil them.

& that respecting elders stuf was cool. It shows that even being 21st century boys & gals we havent lost that sense of respect for our elders.

Arsalan said...

The multifaceted life thingy ...

Have you noticed that apart from putting on different faces before elderly people and our age-group, we do the same with each different person we know ?