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Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiderman 4? No thank you

The film is educational. It teaches young school-children (KG-goers I mean) how and where not to kiss. No snogging in the wilderness on hammocks please. When you get down, little creepy symbiotic things will stick to you and may cause you to change to something other than your usual loser self.

Harry has a very convenient short-term memory loss and forgets about his enmity with Peter Parker. Only to regain it after he shares a kiss with MJ who is already frustrated by Pete's self obsessed demeanor which makes him constantly talk about himself and leaves him with no time to listen to her. From a would-be-Broadway star, MJ takes up a job as a waitress/singer in a Jazz club and Pete has no idea till Harry tells him about it.

There's a confusing episode where MJ is threatened by Harry to break-up with Pete to save his life. ( First, weaken the heart policy) Why she doesn't tell the truth to Pete is not comprehended by my little dimaag.
Gwen Stacy makes an interesting entry ( after her wink-and-you miss appearance at the class ) when she's hanging from the busted sides of a high-rise building. Her father, Captain Stacy looks on as calm as she were strolling out in the lawn with her dog and asks "What's she doing up there?" to Eddie Brock who is clicking away with his shutterbug and claims "... I am dating your daughter" in the most inappropriate moment possible.

The comic scene of Pete's intended proposal to MJ turns pathetic and I see no reason why the feline Gwen should have her nails all over Pete when she knows he's with her girl. ( Later, revealed when she goes to the Jazz club with Pete and asks " Wasn't she your girl?")

The Venom concept is interesting and so is the tagline "The greatest enemy lies within". But somewhere it fails to be convincing like the previous Spidey films.
The nuclear demoleculizer has a guest appearance , albeit a significant one which transforms Marko Flint to Sandman. One thing good about the Spiderman heroes is that they are the victims of circumstances and that makes them more real. But this one stretches way beyond your imagination. Even Pete wonders aloud- "Where do all these guys come from?". Well, just where you came from. Marvel comics.

Harry Osborne undergoes transformation in an instant when his butler waits till the last moment while MJ's life is in danger and tells the truth about death of Harry's father (Green Goblin). The Gandhigiri Pete resorts to when he says “I forgive you” to Marko Flint will put our dettol heroes to shame.

The graphics were good but the storyline needed to be crisper and the edits could have made the movie an hour shorter. Too many sub plots made it appear as an epic. (Did Sam Raimi outsource it to Ramanand Sagar?)And yeah, we should have been spared of the scene where Tobey Maguire weeps at Harry’s death.

Yet, it looked like a good omen when a lady asked for directions to AUDI 0.7 at Spice for Ta Ra Rum Pum. And when I showed her the way, her kid said : " Par mujhe to Spiderman dekhna hai!" and flashed his ticket for Audi0.3. I asked the kid " Stay with me, I 'm going to watch the same show". I guess he enjoyed the movie more than I did. Coz he is still a believer.


arnab said...

what a surprise that tobey mcguire is reconsidering whether to star in spiderman 4 :-)

Aparna Kar said...

Good decision if he doesn't. He is getting stereotyped and seemed badly lacking in practice in the Jazz scene.
James Franco would make a better Spiderman any day.
And why can't they get a prettier MJ? I can't stand Kirsten Durst!

Rashmi said...


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Saurabh said...

only one question... i have read a plethora of reviews over spider man 3, and i hope you are not influenced by them as most of the words... and even complete sentences are same.. But then again maybe.. spidey dissapointed everyone collectively.. either way it is not an accusation but just an opinion... As for Spidey.. no great hero goes with a whimper .. so we will have a spidey 4 ( could be with new charecters) also... the Lizard is yet to appear and Be ready for Venom's possible re-entry.. I cannot believe that the director Sam Raimi is stupid to kill the most formidable enemy of Spidey after only 15 mins of screen time and oh.. where is that forked tounge.... gaawd... Spidey 4 definetly..

Aparna Kar said...

U r right.. maybe I was influenced by the reviews and chose to be prolix. I should have made it crisp and short- DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE ON A DAY YOU ARE FEELING LIKE A GROWN-UP !

Aparna Kar said...

P.s Tht scrap at 12:47 pm and this comment at 12:58 pm. I think even you were influenced by smthng.

passer by said...

was reminded of an old RD joke

a boy's mom does not allow him to tattoo his body and the "NO" goes till his 18th b'day..

on that night he comes back home flashing a tattoo of guess what..
"mickey mouse"

irrelevant?may be.

Aparna Kar said...

@passer by
Lol.. makes sense to me.. nothing cud hv been more apt for we-know-what :D

arun said...

Ya..It was too kiddo movie...Usually i download movies..never been to theatre unless, otherwise so stated by review..but went for the 3 though i hav not watched 2 and 1...i hav a strange habbit...i wont leave the theatre unless i am satisfied with the went to SHOOTER...was ok...but me still not convinced..then went to THE DEPARTED...One hell of movie...was really convinced with Departed...This habbit is one reason i always stick to download :-(

Aparna Kar said...

Hv a look here.
The adventures of Makkad Man
Courtesy: Saikat

arun said...

The BGM for Makkad-man....he he he he he he...too hilarious!

toota phoota man's hamdard said...

okies after the tales of makkad is something...emotionally more draining...visually more straining...yada yada yada..

its the story of toota-phoota man...whenever u r going for a movie in and arnd NCR ...n u see a guy n gurl kick boxing in the middle of the sure to witness the action..coz it'll be urs truly ma'am Lara kicking the and punching the orginal hatta-katta man to a toota-phoota man...bechara toota-phoota man...maar khate khate aajkal suna hain mummy ke surat main aa chuka hain...

abt who is this toota -phoota man..dnt ask...but he has promised me..he is making new offensive strategies to strike back at ma'am Lara next time they duel...

any specialist kickboxer :P ..plz guide toota-phoota man on some that i can pass on the msg to him :D

Lara Ma'am said...

I don't see any kick-boxer coming to your aid in near future. The one you knew has been busy lately. Nevertheless, let the world know your story..
Maybe a savior will rise :P

Saurabh said...

quite a number cruncher are you Ms.Kar :D

saikat said...

spidey's mistakes :D

saikat said...

check these too :D

Aparna Kar said...

And this fwd is from Abir-
(sorry about the non-translation- someone can kindly do it for me)

Spider man's song as sung in Bangladesh:

Spiderman spiderman
dori dhoira jhuilo kyan
poira gele bhangbe thyang
spiderman spiderman.

spiderman spiderman
octopus er 8 ta thyang,
tomare dhorte aase kyan,
spiderman, spiderman.

spiderman spiderman
biya korte dorao kyan
Mary Jane je tomar jaan
spiderman spiderman.

spiderman spiderman
mukhos feilya palao kyan
dont be coward, be a man,
spiderman spiderman.

tumi na thakle spiderman
mon-ta kore je aan-chaan,
duniyar joto polapan
tomare je chaay spiderman.

abar tumi aaila fire
New York City r ghore ghore
box-office re korle maat
spiderman jindabaad..!!

saikat said...

okies the translation as requested by appu:

Spiderman Spiderman
why do you hang on the ropes
if u fall u'll break ur legs
spiderman spiderman

spiderman spiderman
why the octopus with 8 legs
is coming to catch you
spiderman spiderman

spiderman spiderman
why are you afraid of marrying
mary jane is your life
spiderman spiderman

spiderman spiderman
why do you run away leaving your mask
dont be a coward be a man
spiderman spiderman

If u r not there spiderman
my mind remains disturbed
all the gurls of this world
all like u spiderman

again u have sparked fire
accross all New York City homes
u have smashed all records at box office
Hail O'Spiderman

phew :D

divy said...

Oh guys there are few things in life which take you back to your sweet childhood...make you feel good, nostalgic. spiderman 3 was one of such movies. I have not grown up reading archies or tinkle. but did use to watch spederman cartoon show on DD every sunday evening at 5:30. I watched spiderman 3 after my office which got over at 10. It was hell of a day as usual and that was the first day of the show. Its never difficult to find one single movie ticket. I got one and relished the movie thoroughly - for once I had forgotten about the day's target not achieved, me not able to get good guys for my team.
The movie was not for real but still somewhere it brought back those memories when being a child I was unaware of anything called defeat or disappointment. I wont say those 2 and half hours changed my life but really wiped out the day's misery...