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Monday, May 14, 2007

Truth and Scare?

I wonder if there’s anything called “the absolute truth”, or it is only the versions available and most vendible that survive. Winners pen down history and glorify themselves. The losers are always “the evil”. The good prevails or that is what we are taught to believe.
Think rationally and be woe begone. Why take the pain? Why have regrets? They are as personal and unique as fingerprints. Why wash the dirty linen in public instead of the lacy lingerie? No one wants to embrace your demons. Keep your nightmares to yourself. Let them stealth into your dreams, while you are asleep and most vulnerable. Keep that straight face and the upper curve on your lips. The show must go on.
I dare you to write the truth about yourself today before your pen bleeds to death.

Scared ? This Kafkaesque post deserves to be hidden.
Good Night.


passer by said...

i would dare to write, but then do not complain of nightmares..

guess it was our grand old sardar Kushwant Singh who said..the pen wears no beware..

saikat said...

i am a vampyre '0'

eeks now am scared :P

candid diary said...

There is no absolute truth.
Truth has many facets.

aodz said...

well i don't know if pens have condoms or vampires do exist or if truth really has many facets.....!!!!

but i can say one thing "absolute truth" is like the BIG Bag of Money, who every one wants to hide.. i am a 100% sure no one has ever heard the absolute truth in their entire lifetime. Rather just a version of it narrated by the narrator with obviously added spice n masala.

manipulation is common human nature if you are earning a few treats with just manipulation of the system hell why not~ even I WOULD

but i guess every one knows this since every one uses it to thr benefits.

the thing that you don't know is if you did want to know the absolute truth you don't have to run off too far the answer is right in front of you... what ever question u have you just have to ask your self in a sincere way and you have the answer...

for example remember the good old days SKOOL life i am sure every one of us had given an exam at some point or another and i am sure each one of u must have experienced that weightlessness after a tough exam. as in would i pass or not?

some just pray that the teacher corrects the paper leniently.... thats the first type.

some lie to them self "i will pass i will pass " thats 2nd type

some try and argue and oppose the system! it was unfair we were not given enough time etc etc! thats type three

some have a smiling face even though they did badly in the exam relieved that they worked hard last night.

i am talking about this last (successful)group !!

who know the facts yes they studied and its the absolute truth that nothing can stop them from scoring well.

(i dint talk about the not so successful group because i dint want to promote the negativity
"hope you all prosper well in life")

Truth is always ugly its ur option to accept it or run away from it... which ever way you choose you are defining ur own personality ! so choose wisely ;)

he he!!!

desh said...

someone tokin like Ayn Rand

Aparna Kar said...

Why does it have to be "like" someone :(
Why the second "someone", why not the first "Aparna Kar" ?

Aparna Kar said...

Interesting example. This is something everyone can relate to.
There's nothing I believe more than-"which ever way you choose you are defining ur own personality ! so choose wisely "

Aparna Kar said...

As I always say- reality is relative. How you see something depends on your perception. And that is why attitude is so important in life. That is why psychoanalysts have charts to aid them
Have a look here

Aparna Kar said...

@ saikat
INBD (=It's No Big Deal)
I'm a vampire, a werewolf and a zombie all rolled into one :D

BTW, have you heard of the the Lake Wobegon effect ? It is the human tendency to overestimate one's achievements and capabilities in relation to others.

One College Board survey asked 829,000 high school seniors to rate themselves in a number of ways. When asked to rate their own abilities, less than one percent rated themselves as below average. Sixty percent rated themselves in the top ten percent, and one-fourth of respondents rated themselves in the top one percent.
Logically it's possible if a series is binary. Every non zero point will be above average.

Example: One million (or any number) of students take a hypothetical high school exit exam which in this hypothetical situation is rated as either passing or failing (1 or 0, or any two different numbers). Assuming that at least one student fails the test and at least one student passes the test, the mean will lie somewhere between 1 and 0 (or whatever two numbers were originally chosen) and thus every student that fails the test will be below average and every student that passes the test will be above average. If only one student out of that million (or however many took the test) failed the test, then every other student, since they passed a test which only has a binary outcome, is above average.

Interesting hai na?

Aparna Kar said...

@passer by
Aha! Can't be more grotesque than what I dream. Try scripting them and ask me to read.

@saiki : See what I mean? It's the TLWE= The lake Wobegon Effect on me :P

@ passer by
And I really love what that old man quips in. I still have to finish reading his autobiography, "Truth, Love and a Little Malice", which I began in my final year of graduation. Made a funny read, specially where he says in page 5
" ... Water splashed on their muslin skirts and ankle-length lungis , displaying the outlines of their taut, shapely, black-nippled breasts as well as their muscular, dimpled buttocks. They never looked up from the ground as they glided past, aware of men eating them up with their eyes. Though barely four years old, I became an invertebrate voyeur. "
The innuendo in "an invertebrate voyeur" is so evident that I decided to wait until I was more comfortable and broad minded about sexuality.

desh said...

or why cant it be ayn rand talkin like u, she belonged to a diff epoch though
thought of commenting tht in wake of my current readings

zoxcleb said...


the_new_cloud said...

I dont think there is a definition for absolute truth... And absolute truth does not need a litmus test for survival..
What we generally think is truth is actually a parasite of our logics and definitions.. We may call it relative truth may be..
" Absolute truth is not the opposite of Untruth "

Abhishek said...

we fear truth and that's the only fear in this world. If I can accept truth, nothing beats me. The question now is what is that truth. Should you say, whatever your conscience believes is truth? I was a blank sheet when I was born. With time events scripted various abstractions, prejudices, feelings etc. I developed a system to use some fundamentals to question the rationale of what stood forth thereafter. I was not effective all the time in filtering, was splashed by the intensity several times.

But one day I found there were fundamentals that I stuck to till the day, which seem to be a farce. So which string should I cling to and say I'd judge every other string with logic.

We all survive on basic premises and few remain unquestioned all out lives....for few souls "god is one such string".

So we better know that we don't know and still know to strike a balance between what we know and what we not know. So what is ABSOLUTE.
We evolve, so does nature. Even physics need frames to relate to. Which Absolutism we are talking of, if any?

divy said...

Well I belive that one's conscience is the absolute truth. I am not trying to point out to one's morale or character. Its just that you can deceive everyone but not your own self. and hence one's own self knows the absolute truth.
There is a fifth type too of the students taking a tough paper - the ones who know that they are not going to perfomr as per their peer's(parents,friends relatives etc) expectations but still they are least bothered. they know that they are destined to do something different and that exam paper does not at all fit into the scheme of things.
I was one of them.