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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tomb Raider : Urban

What is life without a little adventure? And if you are living in Delhi or NCR in an area in whose vicinity the road has been dug up for laying metro track, you don't have to go out looking for it. Just go out for a harmless stroll on a Sunday evening and you will know what I mean. I was in a hurry for an appointment with my beautician when I was faced with the option to make a detour and get late or utilize my rock climbing and stone hopping skills and be on time. I opted for the later.
Here are a few snaps of what I enjoyed crossing at Sector 16, Noida.

And finally, from the other side after I had crossed-

UPDATE: Shittt!!! This blog entry just made me a male ! :P
View the algorithm and gender genie here (you can copy paste the text of this post and see what I mean )

Also, if you have time to while away, visit this


puchkoo said...

Khuda yahan, Khuda wahan,
Jaha Khuda nahin,
Waha kal Khudega.
- Delhi Metro

candid diary said...

puchkoo's comment reminds me CMDA (Calcutta Metro Development Authority) once was jokingly called Caatchi Maati Dekhbi Aay.
Anyway, happy raids - Lara! Just remember that you, unlike Lara Croft, can not restart your game of life.

saikat said...

candid lolzz. catchi maati dekhbi aae :D hehehe ...reminds me of those harrowing days ....but then fro where metro has left..flyovers have taken over...messing up the city's traffic like always...

i still rem during my FYR of grads..the DH Road flyover linking taratala was being constructed and to cover a distance of barely 1.5 took no less than 45 mins to an hour :|

@ Dear Lara: While enjoying such raids accross the NCR Roads dnt forget that where the digging ends..drain be yipppeee ... n yeah continue the raids :D

arun said...

Its jus stats....

1. India has a huge network of 3.3 million kilometers of roads (2.1 million miles), making it one of the largest road network in the world.

Class Length (km)
Expressways 200
National Highways 66,590
State Highways 131,899
Major district roads 467,763
Rural & other roads 2,650,000
Total (approx) 3,300,000

2. India country fact file 2005
Population 1,080,264,388
Per Capita GDP (PPP) $3,400
GDP Growth Rate 7.1%
Total automotive sales 2005 1,439,604 (889,333)*
Total automotive production 2005 1,643,460 (1,000,567)*
Market growth 2005 vs 2004 7.0% (6.4%)*
Market growth 2004 vs 2003 24.5% (24.1%)*

Sorry i dint had time to get the latest stats abt this!

3. About our infrastructure...

According to the India infrastructure Report (IIR), currently 5.5 percent of the GDP is invested in the infrastructure sector. This needs to be increased to 7 percent within the next three years and 8 per cent by 2005-06, by which time the annual level of investment in infrastructural facilities is projected to treble or rise even more, from the current level of Rs. 6000 billion (US$52 billion) by 2005-2006.

The total infrastructure investment requirements for the next five years again have been estimated in the report at about Rs. 4000-4500 billion (US$ 115-130 billion).

4. A survey says Indians pays 26,728cr as bribe every year. Why cant we use our talent and save this money for development? ( i am not sure this development of Indian roads also plays a part totally)

5. An ad by HDFC for vehicle loan...Quiet tempting huh?

- Covers the widest range of cars and multi-utility vehicles in India.
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6. BBC's report...

Asia's greenhouse gas emissions will treble over the next 25 years, according to a report commissioned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).The report points out that China is already the world's fourth largest economy, and the number of cars and utility vehicles could increase by 15 times more than present levels to more than 190 million vehicles over the next 30 years.

In India, traffic growth is likely to increase by similar levels over the same time period, the report says.

Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles could rise 3.4 times for China and 5.8 times for India.

7. How political it can be?..a random news from search!

Cong raps PMC over road digging : pune: congress corporators, led by ajit darekar, on wednesday condemned the pune municipal corporation (pmc) officials for their failure to stop indiscriminate digging of roads in the city by telecom companies. at wednesday's general body meeting, mr darekar accused reliance infotech ltd. of causing inconvenience to citizens by digging roads for laying cables. he was supported by kamal vyavahare. chairman of the city improvement committee satish dhotre said, although the telecom companies had paid the pmc for the damage, it was not carrying out repairs. development engineer vivek kharvadkar tried to pacify the agitated corporators, saying the pmc had fined reliance infotech and confiscated its road digging machine, but to no avail. "the administration has already made it mandatory for telecom companies to seek an approval of the standing committee, in addition to the civic road department's permission, for digging roads to lay cables," mr kharvadkar said.

8. What all are runing under and Who all dig it? share a pie??????

a.India road transport.
b.Telecom people.
c.Electricity board.
d.sewage facility. water supply.
f.etc etc etc...


Though all development seems to be development, we really dont know whats the impact on common man...If good roads are going to make our transportation much easier, but at what cost? we really need such developemnt at the cost of environment?...i know its very much debatable...but for your blog, this only stiked my mind...

Here we hell of girl who dont bother about what the way she takes and no problem how demanding it is...She takes it as an adventure to have the fun in crossing that...i wish all have such a mindset, so that at least we wont have people frowning abt government, bothers the fate of being in India or in Indian roads...way to go girl!

btw if u really wanna hav much more demanding adventure come to chennai...even on the roads i will take u on a kingda-ga ride! :-)

sangram said...

uri baap re baap.. :O.. thts wht i can relay ..

Vikas said...