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Friday, December 25, 2009

3 idiots

Booking the tickets online for the 6:30 pm show in the afternoon was a wise things to do 'cause by the time we( Rahul, Pu, Soma and I) reached Alewife to watch '3 Idiots' at Entertainment Cinemas, the tickets were sold out. The show started considerably late -incessant elbowing, maddening crowd, mismanagement of demand, a medium popcorn and a large soda later -around 7 pm. A pity that it was not playing in one of the AMCs.

Desi junta queuing up before the show

A satire of the Indian education system. 'Aal izz well' might as well become a buzzword with Hindi movie goers like 'Jadoo ki Jhappi' and 'Gandhigiri'.

I will leave it to the film critics to analyze the rest. My personal opinion - 3i is good, clean entertainment with few pretenses. 'Philosophy in colloquiality'. Have a dekho, it will be refreshing, even with its excesses.


zoxcleb said...

really? that video clip u posted made it seem like the run of the mill idiocy.

Aparna Kar said...

I know, after watching the promo, even I wasn't enthusiastic about watching the movie. 'Not another Dil Chahta Hai clone please !' I said to myself. And I probably wouldn't gone for it in the cold and snow(wait I will post a pic) until my friends wanted to so eagerly.

The marketing was honest. More often than not, what kills a movie is the hype which doesn't meet the audience expectations.

But for 3i, the sum is more than the parts. There was definitely
some value creation. In isolation, the incidents might appear stupid. What is original about Freshman ragging? Or advice to a girl to avoid jerks who see you as a price tag? My humble advice: if you find some time, watch it. A good movie to watch with a couple of friends.

If you absolutely hated the Munna Bhai series, don't waste your time. Some characters are common: a nonconformist challenging the system, an authoritarian with several idées fixes, and a strong willed female.

My personal favorites were: 8th grade science, Joy Lobo, Mint sauce, Astronaut's pen, Khujli wali roti,... wait there is more than I can list. If nothing else, watch it for the climax in Ladakh. You will have a glimpse of Heaven.

Aparna Kar said...

P.S. No, they are not paying me for WOM

SOM said...

I somehow felt its an engineered version of Munnabhai MBBS.
Same story a student who revolts against the sytem & the dean and finally marries his daughter.

Aparna Kar said...

Yes, I felt the same. It had the same empirical formula.