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Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Life

As a requirement for my Internet Marketing course, we have to create avatars in Second Life. Yesterday, we had a virtual classroom meeting at the University Island. For the first time, one of my professors taught me how to fly. :D

The sailboats at Fox Point resembled my actual university campus, and was pretty neat and basic. Unfortunately, there weren't many people around except for the students.

I visited Copenhagen where the UN Climate Change Conference is taking place. I had a crazy critter dance there before and after class. My professor asked me to be careful, since there can be pretty weird stuff going around. I experienced peeps, unsolicited gifts from strangers and nudity, though I stayed away from adult content. The guy running around naked was probably still trying to figure out how to get clothes back on his avatar.

For a while, I lost my hair, and went bald. SG (whose avatar paid me a visit after class ) thought I looked cool bald headed. I thought of getting a Persis Khambatta style butterfly tattoo on my avatar's head but then realized it would be a bit too much.

I changed my polka dot pink dress to a black, more formal wear and had some fun teleporting. I'll be glad if you can mention some fun spots to visit in SL.

Trivia: Scion's had released a xB for the SL residents that they could drive around the 3D world. Share some SL fun facts if you find time.

Has anyone used Smarter Planet yet?

And oh, like most others, I am waiting for the release of James Cameron's 'Avatar' next week :)


Matangi Mawley said...

:) .. interesting!

sunny jain said...

i tried 2ndlife 2 yrs back. was fun! but its evolving very slowly . I think 2nd life owners failed to integrate /partner with social networking sites like facebook , orkut etc. just imagine meeting friends of friends at a party at 2nd life thrown by you..(you have such wonderful friends!!! remember me ?)


sunny jain said...

oh i found 2ndlife /facebook integration!!!

Aparichito said...