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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My infinite wish list

I think I am alive because I have a wish list.

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SOM said...

Wish of some sort of a Grass-hopper
Skip'n'stopping willy nilly-- tipper-topper.
Wish of some kind of a little kitten
Her mews will get you quite simply smitten.
Wish of some kind of a free-bee land
Wish-winds shake
Reluctance to disband.
Wish of very like some fire-works
That turn nights into days with odd quirks.
Wish of some sort of a naughty girl, who
Eats Granpa's pickled relish in the afternoon.
Wish of the art of writing things poetic
Learning to live willfully with words and music.
Wish of some sort of a loony Mad-Hatter
Who can do just anything in an eyelid's batter.
Wish of some sort of a dream in my eye:
I will see a global Commune before I die!

Song "Wish is" by Suman Chatterjee..