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Monday, December 14, 2009

The last day of school

I'm pretty emosanal today. Officially, it was my last day to school. Exactly two years, 3 months and 1 day ago on 2007, Sept 13, I  had attended my  650 class(first semester requirement), Organizational Analysis and Behavior.

After we practiced our final team presentations for our capstone course (final semester) 689,  Strategic  Management class today, my teammates AJ, Vlada, and Karan (right to left) posed for a picture.

Below, Professor Theodora Welch (Strategic  Management) and Angel, one of my classmates from a previous Services Marketing class.

Just when I was walking down the corridors of Wheatley for the last time, I heard Professor Novak's voice. I couldn't believe my luck. It all tied  back together -ending where it started. It seemed like yesterday when I had walked into a new country and a new life, for my MBA program. The then Director of the College of Management had introduced me to my 650 class Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Prof Novak.

I waited patiently outside his classroom for about half an hour while he was giving feedback to a student of The Front End of Innovation class. It was worth it. He was almost as happy to see me as excited as I was to see him on my last day of school. He asked about my future plans which I readily shared. When you are happy, you want the world to know you are happy, and want them to be happy with you.

A graduate student probably expects some kind of salvation at the end of a rigorous coursework. My redemption is in the knowledge that in an odd sort of way -it all makes sense.


Anirban said...

I know what it is like leaving a grad school. Bag full of emosions.

amitabha said...

One significant chapter of your life is over – meaning more important projects and assignments are waiting for you.
Is not the whole life a school only? Or am I being a bit philosophical?

Aparichito said...

Time really flies in a B-school.
It must be sad to leave a place where u have spent one of the most constructive 2 years of ur life..

zoxcleb said...


sunny said...

what's the plan after MBA?!

Sumit said...

congrats!! having gone through the same set of emotions a few months ago, I know how it works out.
so, whats next?

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks everyone !

Watch this space to know what happens next :P

Anonymous said...