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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Laptop puran

Kitne baaje hai, madam? (What time is it, madam?)
Barah, Bhaisahab. (12, brother )
Kya baat kar rahi hai? Par abhi to shaam hai!! (What are you saying? But it's evening now !!)
Bhaiya mere laptop ka adaptor kharab ho gaya hai aur stock mein nahi mil raha- mere liye to barah hi baje huye na phir? ( My laptor's adaptor has gone kaput and is not available in the stock -so it's 12 for me now, isn't it? )

And he left me in my remorse. Aah! The agony ! The pain! The feeling of complete helplessness. I don't think I felt this bad even after a break-up.
I can't practise the new HTML codes I have been learning.
Can't spend my evening flipping through the pages of dictionary. com.
Can't blog when my whim suggests.
Can't listen to music at 3 o' clock in the morning.
Can't view if my orkut scraps have increased from 17,817 since I last saw it.
That reminds me- I just saw the assistant of this cafe browsing through orkut. Wow ! I wish I knew how his profile looks like. When I had the name of my employer organization displayed very naively on my professional profile, some creep who had nothing better to do in life looked up a few numbers on the internet and called up on my work phone when I was not in the remotest mood for mamuli khejure- alaap ( worthless chit-chat).
I have all respect for the guy who conceived the notion of an online community for social networking. I got re-connected to a lot of old school friends I had lost touch with. I made a couple of new friends too. Well exactly 'TWO' new friends. And one of them was actually my friend's boy friend so it really does not count. And he knew me through my blog first: so orkut can not really be given the credit. And the other chap I became friends with- well main ab tak pachhta rahi hoon ( can't translate this for emotional difficulties :P)
So - here I am. Clueless about my immediate neighbor. But worried to death about a firend who lives half the world away from me. ("Firend" samajhtey hai na aap? Yeah yeah- woh wala. )
Now you'll wonder how does my latop puran come into it?
Wohi to! My only convenient entry ticket to the cyberspace is blocked/locked/shut down/ kaput/ gone .
Someone rightly said- happiness to me would be my laptop, a lot of deadlines and fried chicken ( I added good music for ambience and laughed at the truth of the statement.)
But life goes on. In spite of tragedies like these. So,I decided to get back to my old friends. Naah naah -not my chaddi-buddies. Though this week I was quite active in catching up with them.
But my diaper buddies- I mean books.
Those are the ones that open new avenues of thoughts, new channels of ideas.
Sometimes I indulge in mixed reading, id est, I read two books in installments instead of following my usual- "Complete without a breather principle". It's a way of showing respect to the author. But when I am learning something- as of now- some new codes, I allow myself the luxury of reading something else in between.
And this time the filler is "The Power of Six Sigma" by Subir Chowdhury. I have been fascinated by the quality prophet's views before but this one has made an awesome read till now.
Maybe I will write a post on the importance of quality soon and I hope I will post it from my lappy. [ I call it "Aparna" (Appy's lappy). Yeah, a narcissist :P I know someone who calls his "Angelina" :D ]

Until then,
Kabhi alvida na kehna ..
* makes a sentimental exit*


candid diary said...

Aparna says with a sigh, "I do not care about the blows from other laptops, but I do grieve at being torn in pieces by own lappy."

sangram said...

u know wht..the jamuna is nt far away..u know wht i m saying..hehe...:D.. in the whole of friggin delhi, thrs no power cord or adapter fr ur .. bedtop :D.. go go go .. run lola run..sorry run appu run ...delhi's become a treasure lappy adapters :D..

saikat said...

@ appu: first of all delighted to see the ol' appu back (in no way it suggests that u have turned old ;P)....what i mean is that the socially correct ...politically correct posts off late showed a glimpse of you holding back what u really wanted to express...

that shackle is hopefully broken in this post...coz i can clearly see u closing down ur eyes and scripting *aha* typing whatever is being stirred by ur soul...

abt da adapter...*ahem* *ahem* u surely having a strong love-hate relationship with it....

now lemme join the chorus of Sangram: "Run Appu Run"


Aparna Kar said...

Jab apne saath chorr jate hai to badi takleef hoti hai. Yu to hum duniye ki parwah nahi karte , par jab apne hi begane ho jaye to kya kiya jaye...
* gets sentimental again . Tries to stifle a cry *

Aparna Kar said...

No, I am not going to throw it away.. not right away I mean.
Aur daudne ki bhi zaroorat nahi, I got a trouble shooter who takes care of my tiny winy problems like this :P
Will try to replace the battery.. my bedtop is just a li'l ill.. that's it.. no need to practise euthanasia on it :P

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks yaar. It was not a conscious effort to be "politically correct". Baas ho jata tha. But I guess you like me best when I am not thinking :D

Waise, tum aaj kal kisi bande pe kuch jyada hi meherbaan lag rahe ho.. kya baat hai saiki.. koi chakkar -wakkar hai kya?

saikat said...

*rubs his eyes after a marathon journey of dreams*
*sees the word chakkar wakkar becomes interested*
*does a sleepy analysis of the statement*
*realizes that he is being accused of same sex chakkar*

;-P ...are apne se kareeb insaan par mehebaan hona koi chakkar wakaar nahii kehlata hain ...ise mutual admitarionwa bolte hain :D ...aur waise bhi hum dono ke vichar kaafi cheezo main milte hain :D

baaki ya this was a post spreading the aroma of the ol' times...n yeah u bet....u r definitely the best when u r not thinking :)..

remember mah words - when u think then dont act..n when u act dont think :)


zoxcleb said...

hmm... poor u.. laptop not working and all! so who are these 2?

Aparna Kar said...

Yeah .. poor poor me :P
These two are two monkeys I love pulling the tails of. Care to join in? Need to have my palra bhaari.. :D
Dnt worry they are not belligerent.. in fact very very amicable..

Soumyajit said...

it's been a long time. I had no idea that our school mates had created orkut community (rather i should say i did not subconsciously venture there as too many bad memories from school life clouded my mind.) so while brousing our school community as provided from bonnie I came accross quite a few friends site.

so there itself i read your orkut account and came acccross your web page. so you must be thinking why on earth why this arrogant half eccentric 'sob' wants to become my friend suddenly. well i would have done had i known earlier.

even after that it was probably difficult to concede to a woman i know not much of that; she probably changed my outlook of women. i was a mysogynist male chauvinist pig and had you not taught me(though subconsciously)
i still would have remained the same. but i understood them all only when i was in my second year and there was little time after that(no time to tell all girls of my class i was an arrogant 'sob' and i am truly sorry for that. but what i can truly ascertain is the fact that i always perceived that you were the only girl with some grey matter. and believe even after college and now in work i haven't met a girl your equal in those regards.

so send me an invitation in orkut as a friend.i believe we have have similar tastes and i believe i can truly have a female friend for the first time in my life.

saikat said...

holy shite...orkut invitation on a blog... viola !

hehehe appu u surely left a very strong impact on ur ol' school mates :D


Aparna Kar said...

Invi on blog? Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Anyways my post was also about finding old school frnds in orkut so you can spare him :P
Honestl, I had no idea about my *impact* on him.
But good to know some people remember details you seem to have forgotten. Memory is a strange thing. What registers in your mind might skip someone else's. Regathering them can be fun. And those old school communities really work! If enemies can become friends :D

Aparna Kar said...

I am glad that you think your outlook towards women have changed. But saying that I'd be your first "female" friend if I accept/send you an invite doesn't really help your cause. I pointed out something in school which I thought was not correct. Maybe I was more vocal about my opinion then. I wonder if I'd care to criticize anyone now in stead of criticizing my own self.
And if I remember correctly- it was to Rai that I mentioned you- we hardly used to talk at school. Ani or Satyam or Kuntal were more pallies with me.
Anyways it has been a long time now, and I really don't know how much I can fit the bill of being a friend- coz years have passed since I last knew you and we really didn't share anything in common to begin with- except maybe "The Merchant of Venice" play.
Nevertheless, you can send me a scrap or the link to your profile on orkut and I will send u an invite. No point sending me an invitation coz' I already have a page full of them pending sans the patience to go through them and accept/reject .
P.S. Do u have any contact with Rai? I'm sure she'll be glad if you call her up sometime.

saikat said...

Ek Bandar Tere Blog Ke Andar :D

aila bandar kise bola re! ...okies to the other monkey u can call as monkey coz his tail is fultooo under ur control :D ...bechara kahii nahii jaa sakta tujhe chorke :D

par apun koi monkey wonkey nahii hain...apun dragon rider hain woh bhi bina pooch wala :P

aur apun se jyada panga liya toh...agle baar jab milenge tab tujhe chunkey ke funky monkey ke fav donkey ki aisi kahaani sunaaonga ki agle baar naa pooch rahegi na dugdugi :D

*faints reading how the last para was wrapped in a crap!* :P

Aparna Kar said...

Bechara kaun?????
Dikhave pe mat jao.. apni akkal lagao
Aajkal k zamane mein koi bechara nahi hota aur naa hi koi kisiko control karta hai.. it's just mutual respect and admiration- samjhe..
aur tu apni poochh samhal k rakh... Dragon riders k poocch nahi hoti tujhe kisne kaha? Rudimentary ho sakte hai..par hotey hai.. :P

saikat said...


chunkey ke funky monkey ke fav donkey ne ye awaaz nikali hain... :D

saikat said...

hmmmm aajkal ke zamaane main koi bechara nahii hota...rightly said ...similarly aajkal ke zamaane main kisiki pooch nahii hoti...

koi kisiko control nahii karta *sneaky* then how can u explain a certain Mrs Gandhi controlling the whole thought process of our PMO...

Aparna Kar said...

@ saikat's first comment
about being "politically correct"
Here's something I came across:

1 She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED INDIVIDUAL."
2. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE."
4. She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE."
5. She is not a "TWO-BIT HOOKER" - She is a "LOW COST PROVIDER."

1. He does not have a "BEER GUT" - He has developed a "LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY."
3. He is not "BALDING" - He is in "FOLLICLE REGRESSION."
4. He does not act like a "TOTAL A**" - He develops a case of RECTAL-CRANIAL INVERSION."
5. It's not his "CRACK" you see hanging out of his pants - It's "REAR CLEAVAGE"

And I don't think anyone has or can have absolute authority on anything. It would amount to dictatorship. And the first step towards a downfall.
About the political dao-pench I believe there's more to it than what's visible to an outsider.

Aparna Kar said...

Cops use Orkut to track murderer