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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Who the f*** is Jahnavi Kapoor?
If you have been following the Abhi-Aish wedding details, you might know by now that she's a “model and actress” (if a 10 second apppearance in the title song of Dus makes you one) who claimed that Abishek had promised to marry her. And in full media glare, slit her wrists and is now charged with attempt to suicide under Section 309 of IPC.

Publicity stunt? Maybe.
Something to catch the attention of the star? Are you kidding me????

There are well known cases of celebrities being stalked and targeted by delusional people. The infamous assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr was reported to have been driven by the delusion that the death of the president would cause actress Jodie Foster to publicly declare her love for Hinckley.
Where was the Freud Squad?
Heaven knows.
You might opine that the celebrities have to pay a cost for their stardom . But what about day-to-day events?
A 24-year old man stabbed a minor girl to death in Delhi on V-day this year because she refused to accept the flowers he had bought for her. He had no idea what V-day was all about except that he happened to watch on TV that you were supposed to give gifts to people you loved.
A local goon threatening to kidnap a female if she refuses to be "friends" with him is quite common occurrence in Bihar and Eastern UP.

The Virginia Tech Massacre was surmised to be initiated by Seung-Hui Cho as a result of a domestic dispute between him and his supposed former girlfriend Emily Hilscher. It is now believed that she had no prior relationship with Cho, but was instead being stalked by him.

Dark side of passion?
Need of psychological counseling if you ask me.
Tu haa kar ya naa kar, tu hai meri ..KKKKiran

Oh, btw, if you can find Jahnavi in the video, do let me know. My microscope didn't help.


Anonymous said...

It's quite complicated.
A man's sense of judgements is influenced by what he sees and senses and analyses them..
if he sees too much of disparity, he tries to form judgement and chooses his own set of values.
so judgement is not self-initiated...
moreover, there is a choice lying in between..and its a matter of individual psyche...

Someone did something that you and i never have chosen to do..
so the judgemental inclination is different in them from us
But as the values are going down in today's society, perversion is gaining a more 'cool' attitude

And as 'You on your own.... ' kinda things are today's value.
I don't see why some ppl won't do such stupid things.
I was reading about virginia case for quite some time from all sources.
..the note the boy left...
he was terribly sick.
and others used to mock him a lot..
that made him worse.

When, we, the healthy mind, don't lend our helping hand... do you think any number of psychologists can solve the issue?

Anonymous said...

After the Columbine case ppl blamed rock stars- Marylin Mansion and National Rifle Association.
And now, we will blame Old Boy and bunch of some other movies and Hollywood. And wait for the next thing to happen...
Just to know that we are not fighting the problem but just passing it forward.
And the worst thing is- lot of innocent people are dying.

Abhi said...

I wanted to write something , but usse pehle yahan upar wala pehla comment padne ki karamaat kar dee maine.and by god , my head started feeling light by the third line.Looks like I am designed to write only stupid stuff . so no comment now .

Aparna Kar said...

LOL. Yehi hota hai munnu bhai jab dusro ki baatein pehle suntey ho to.. Khud kya kehna chahtey ho wohi bhool jaatey ho.
Btw,I had no clue you visited other people's blog as well.
Aap aaye khuda ki kudrat hai-kabhi hum apke comment ko, kabhi apne comment box ko dekhtey hai :D

Vicky said...

I've been really involved with the VTU episode for the past week. Keeping track of everything related. Posted something on it on my blog - have a look.
Minal Panchal

raghav said...

Jhanvi might not be a star .. she might have been conned by abhi .. she might not have been .. we wil never know .. unless there is a 'watergate' to this episode as well ( which i doubt).

did get lost a bit by the comments, consequently might not incoherent ..please dont mind eh .. *grin*