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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Subho Naboborsho

Uthchhe prabhat-robi, Ankche sonar chhobi
Tumi keno felo tate chhaya!
Barek je chole jay, Tare to keho na chay
Tabu tar keno eto maya!

( which, when grossly put, means:
"The rising sun is painting golden pictures, why are you casting a shadow on it?
That which is bygone, no one wants - but why is then the pining for it?"

The Bengali New Year commences. Bangabdo 1414.
When was the last time I saw a Bengali date and year?

My diary entry reads...

Sei Pujabarshiki Anondomelay dekheychilam sheshbaar Bangla shon o tarikh; erpor jeno Bangalitvo ta kothay hariye gelo..
Onno desh, onno bhaasha, onno sonskriti- ba hoyto ekhaane-e khujey peyechii niye k- ae hariye jaoar modhye....

( I last saw a Bengali date and year in the annual Puja edition of Anondomela.. then the Bangalitvo was lost somewhere...
Another land, another language, another culture- or maybe- I found myself here- in this getting lost...)


arnab said...

subho nababarsho!

only yesterday i was telling a friend about the bengali new year, and how the name of the months themselves have such a seasonal sound to them. and then when i tried naming the months, i had such a hard time :-( damn it! now would be a good time to go home for my bi-annual bengali/deshi refeuling ;-)

Aparna Kar said...

Baishaakh (Grismo)
Jaistyo "

Ashaar (Borsha)
Shraabon "

Bhadro (Sorot)
Ashwin "

Kartik (Hemonto)
Agrahon "

Maagh "

Falgun (Bosonto)
Chaitro "

If that helps :D

But there are a lot of other things too that I really miss.. like patali good-er payesh and khirtuya :P

Aparna Kar said...

P.S Dhonyobaad. Subho Noboborsho tomakeo :)

Arindam said...

This is what I see- u try to draw a parallel with the starting poetry. Its temporal as well as, and more importantly, cultural as in bangalitvo. Then u also try to say, as in chhaya na fela, that although u pine about ur bangaltivo, ur existence is beyond cultures That is when u tend to get lost in a new land, culture etc, u find this about urself that u may have associations, cultural, but u r beyond them. And this getting lost and discovering ur real self in this getting the proof . So no casting shadows but being part of the golden picture itself!

Anonymous said...

i had similar feelings last night
i miss pujabarshikis
i don't even enjoy puja very much these days