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Sunday, April 15, 2007

T-shirt slogan contest:

Design 1: Aparna Kar©
Even before I am born, I will be killed....
Even before my mother hears me cry, it will be quietened
Maybe because I am too tiny to be significant. Or maybe because I am more of a daughter to them than a child.

Stop sex determination and female foeticide
Save the girl child

Design 2 by Saikat Bose

Script your own slogans and post as comments. While you are allowed to post your fav slogans on more general topics, the contest is only for the ones with a social message.

After a considerable number of entries, the winner will be decided by a poll .


You don't know who said...

I love you?

pdey said...

This is no social message, but nevertheless this warning will benefit some :P.. here it goes -

Front: This cute dog bites :)
Back: Reality bites!

saikat said...

On The Front:
I could have been

Had You Killed Me If I Were Those

On the Back:

Stop Female Foeticide

You are not killing a new life but killing the human in YOU

arun said...

Hell was full..So i'm back!

Anand Sarolkar said...

" I hate t-shirt slogan competitions"


saikat said...

hmm dunno whether i should state this or not..but what appu meant was tee slogans which has a social impact..appu do correct me if am wrong

it'll be a real delight if we all can stick to that...

wotsay ...

Aparna Kar said...

Yes I did..but participation seems more prolific when allowed more general slogans :(
Let slogans be posted on miscellaneous topics... but we'll restrict the contest to the ones with a social message.. whatsay?

saikat said...

aye aye appu :)

but whats the prize *dreaming*

general slogan:

1)On the Front
Staring Cost: 100$ per Second

2)On the Front
I came I Saw I Shopped

On the Back
My Dad Went Bankrupt


Aparna Kar said...

How about a date with me ? ? *wink wink*
Is it lucrative enough? :P
Lol I guess, friends wouldn't need a contest for it and strangers wouldn't care :D

How about my book and a movie from my personal collection. Shipped anywhere in India :)

I am honest... par yaar, u already have my book, so if u win- u will only get the dvd/vcd of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (one of my most fav movies of course) :D

Aparna Kar said...

P.S. I am serious :)
Spread the word. I just did :D

saikat said...

marketing on ;)

abt the date with you...*wink* now no one gonna win it from me :P

lucrative *phew* just spell it :D

neeways shipping ur book is the best idea..*thumbsup*

we need more participation here...and abt the unwanted space..just see if you have put some extra para breaks or line breaks in the html code...i dnt think there can be any other reason...loading the same in my blog to check the code error

waise it was a nice idea after all :D


candid diary said...

If a guy has to read your lengthy slogan on your T-shirt he will take about 15 seconds or more (depending on the size of the fonts). I tried to read some such slogan on a gal's T-shirt and thought the better of it.
How about this one?
Front: Stop gawking at me
Back: I am already hooked

saikat said...

candid rightly said...these are more of a banner kinda slogan or a print ad kinda...will create something crisp soon

arun said...

I am yet to get my copy from you...

Aparna Kar said...

I can understand your plight. But we have free T-shirts for the following day. Some which say things like:

1."My Eyes Are Up There.", with an arrow pointing up.
2. Wish these were brains.
3. Brains And Boobs. Best Of Both Worlds.
4. I don't fake it.
5. Things here appear bigger than they really are
6.If You Don't Eat 3.14159265, I'll Pass You By.
The possibilities are endless- keep adding to them. :D

Aparna Kar said...

For irony's sake? Huh?

Ok .. Let's make it:
T Shirts with slogans (with a red circle and slash through it)

saikat said...

'searching for a caption..i left it back home'

'The last time someone read this line he actually died'

'Seeing is Beleiving...You are seeing God'

omar said...

AIDS-Disease of Humans

Corruption-Disease of Society

like below we can stck this caption
which is real threat?

more will be comming but trust me this is my original work since i think when i put down words.. hope u like it.

curtz said...

'I saved a LIFE today
I donated BLOOD today


Aparna Kar said...

And talking of AIDS.. Here's something that happened in New Delhi on Sunday during the ongoing Seena Taan Ke campaign by the Truckers Corporation of India Foundation .
Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty

saikat said...

this is called leading by example of what not to do ...

candid diary said...

I found many sites for T-shirt slogans by googling ‘T-shirt slogan’. Two are:- and

Aparna Kar said...

I don't think kissing spreads AIDS! Hugging definitely does not.
This man believes India is his second home and has devoted countless days and dollars to fight AIDS.
What a shame that the media has decided to make a ruckus out of a trifle while he has done better things that are buzzworthy.
Anyways he looks a bit a drunk to me, and if he has done it consciously ( w/o the idea of protests of course) then the gimmick really worked.

At least ppl got to know of the campaign bcoz of a kiss!!!

tusnin said...

Front: This T-Shirt changes colour every one hour
Back: I am an Indian politician

The increasing number of divorces tells me Cupid is getting older and losing its precision at archery.

Realization comes after you are royally screwed

I was a tiny trouble for my parents.
So they got rid of me.

Back : Stop female foeticide

saikat said...

@ Tusnin: good ones *thumbsup*

@ Appu: You know sometimes negative publicity works..actually it brings out some publicity/awareness after all

when i wrote..lead by example of what not to do...what i meabnt was that...after the incident..the sole pic got more importance than the whole event...5 yrs down the line ppl will remember especially maybe all those truck drivers for whom it was meant...that 5 years back i saw some firangi gora hug shilpa shetty infront of us on stage..but will they remember on what occassion was it...

now whenever they will remember this day..the first recollection will be this incident..instead of the real message that richard gere wanted to portray...

i geneuinely respect that guy sheerly coz of the energy he has for this cause...maybe what he did was just to show that hugging and kissing dint spread aids...but then what came out..was what exactly i wrote in one line...

maybe its just the india mindset..which caught this activity and gave it more importance than the event...but second thoughts..does not the media show what its readers want to see..

after the three hour ordeal called meeting...dont think i can make any more sense.


tusnin said...

some more...

Smoking kills, so do excessive expectations from life !!

There is no first-aid for AIDS
Take precautions!!

Aparna Kar said...

Really awesome!
Where are you dreaming up those!

Seems like u got a strong contender here :D
And yeah- I do agree about your take on negative publicity.. but people who are asking him to apologize to the public- puh-leaze give that guy a break !

And grow-up!

saikat said...

'The Journey of My Life

Insaan Se Insane Tak'

'Detergent Washed Aay My Caption'

'If You Are Rich I Am Single'

well ab mazaa aa raha hain kampitition main.. ;)

Aparna Kar said...

Anti-alcohol slogans:
1.Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder
2.Is the alcohol wearing off or you are really turning ugly?
3.Do think, don't drink!
4.Sober `n` crazy.
5. It's the first drink that gets you drunk.
6. There is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.
7.Keep your sobriety first to make it last.

On Faith
1. I came; I came to; I came to believe
2. Don't quit before the miracle happens.
3. Try to replace guilt with gratitude.
4.Help is only a phone call away.
5.Faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation.

You may view other anti-alcohol slogans here

saikat said...

wut *shocked* anti alchohol n pro faith slogans...

am on the opposite camp..wait till i drown myself in scotch..tonight..'ll come back with pro alchohol n anti faith (okies dont want to hurt emotions) only pro alchohol slogans...

just the promo:

'Dont Drink & Drive, You might Spill the drink ;)'

'Drinking is injurious to health...So is advocating this cause ;)'

For an oversized Tee ..for a person haveing beer belly -->

'Had it not been BEER, This Tee wouldn't have been HERE'

'You know why you are looking so Beautiful, Coz i am Drunk ;) '

more slogans to notch..after i have my share of scotch ;)


Aparna Kar said...

Lol.. I shud have known it's coming!
Keep the booze flowing and keep writing. Just don't give the kids a scare :P I guess it's time for me to have a change of cause . With you around, I don't stand a chance with my A.A. slogans :D
Will wait for the rest of the pro-alcohol slogans after your scotch tonight ;)

Aparna Kar said...

It's a bit expensive to ship it to US. Almost 10 times the price of my book, so it'd be feasible if u get it after u come back to India :)

Saurabh said...

What would you rather Choose
Life or Death ???

tusnin said...

few more on alcohol...

A drunk hunk loses his girl to a punk !!

Never brawl on protocol after alcohol
There's no protocol on brawl after alcohol

arun said...

In front...

"Do u wanna 'see' the 'world' after death?"

At back...

"Donate ur eyes"

arun said...

btw who told i am in US..i might be the only visitor to ur blog from Finalnd! :-)

saikat said...

@ arun: good one on donating eyes :)

'YYoouu Aarree Ddrruunnkk'

arun said...

@saikat...thnx man!

In front...

Only the educated "£%^¨~¤...

At back...

are FREE...Get free and free some1

arun said...

Here we more...

In front...

Let the attitude be +

At back...

Not HIV !!!

arun said...

ya i am damn workless abt some health conscious?

In front...

KING - For breakfast
PRINCE - For lunch
PAUPER - For dinner

At back...(lets make it simple)

Stay Fit

PS : The actual quote was by Adelle Davis

u can find more abt her @

arun said...

In front...

What's in ur HEAD...

At back...

Wear HELMET!!!

Aparna Kar said...

Print ad:

1. Booze, dope, shared needles and unprotected sex..
May seem like Heaven
But is the one-way ticket to Hell
Have a choice. Prevent AIDS

2. Be Positive
Always carry a condom

saikat said...

@ appu: modifying the second one a bit,

Be Positive But Dont Turn HIV +

Always Carry a Condom

also in the first ad how does booze n dope (non needles) lead to aids...aint it a bit misleading

now for a not so social tee caption :D

' #@$% $#@ ---> It doesn't mean anything '

Aparna Kar said...

Too much of booze -> irresponsibility -> unsafe sex -> retrovirus -> AIDS
Is the pathway clear now ?:P
And it seems I can hardly say anything against alcohol here!!!

arun said...


Too much booze -> mid euphoria state -> sleep...

Way to prevent aids!

Aparna Kar said...

I almost forgot u r in Finland since u have been fwding the videos u shot at US.. not my fault u see.. :P

Genilia said...

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