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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Virtually There

I had a life.. I have the Internet :D

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It's not recently that I have been wondering how my social life is like. Except my team members, the peers I meet during classes, and my housemates, I hardly have time to interact with any other human being. The occasional smile at the grocery store counter lady and the UPS guy doesn't count because I don't really know them.

I have at least 3 friends since the past 3 years that I have not met in real life. They exist as email and chat ids and phone numbers.

Maybe this is why I love blogging. It gives me a platform to reach out to new people, their ideas. Or a new perspective from the old pals I know.

Someone once said that I like to present different situations and like to observe how he reacts in each one of them. I don't really believe that I have such a megalomaniac attitude. I am genuinely interested in people.

I like to notice how they behave while in anger, in love, in happiness or in grief. The kaleidoscope of human emotions fascinates me. Biochemically, they are nothing more than a bunch of ephemeral chemicals triggered. Or a physiological process. A little this or a little that. In varying proportions. Of the same constituent elements. The redness of the face when in wrath and the blushing of a bride- what's the difference? An excitatory message hitting the frontal cortex of the brain, sending signal to the autonomic nervous system, following a constriction of the blood vessels (which is why you turn pale first) and then dilation (which causes a larger quantity of blood than the normal level to flow through them)- called flushing or blushing.

But honestly- tell me- what's so magical? Why do we still want to love/hate/care/hurt all those around us whom we feel important? Why do we want the blush on that beautiful face just for us? When we know, that we can control some the outward manifestation consciously?

I don't know. But somewhere amidst this forest of wires and softwares and virus attacks , we might have begun to appreciate human emotions and locution even more. Maybe that is why beauty to me is a face capable of expressions. And ugliness is in plasticity.
THIS is gross


FireWhisky said...

my dad 2 me a few days bk "sweetheart i want 2 knw wts goin on wid u... its nt possible 4 me 2 read ur blog everyday"


passer by said...

a geek to his wife scarching his back..
"no nit there, scroll down"

Keshi said...

**It gives me a platform to reach out to new people, their ideas.

spot on!


Aparna Kar said...

Lol.. Bingo! Do all Dads practice their lines together? :D My Dad tries to read my blog first thing in the morning. Even though, I get to talk to him first nowadays. And what more, he's a fellow blogger too :D

Aparna Kar said...

@passer by
LMAO. Your collection of one liners is deadly!

Aparna Kar said...

Hee hee. Let's shake hands :D
Glad to meet you :).. errr.. again :D

Mark IV said...

yeah it does, doesn't it.. but every once in a while the ideas get to be a little overwhelming...
in fact its real sad sometimes when i see that the idea i wanted to blog on this morning has already been written, countered, raped and murdered by a dozen or more eons back!!!!!

anyway, thank u for dropping by my blog. id be more active at so hoping you'd chaeck that out (dotdotdotdashdashdotdotdot takes toooooo much time to type!)

saikat said...

plasticism eeeks i hate it..

quoting from one of my songs:

peeping through the keyhole, waiting for the face unknown

existing as a plastic, emotions replaced by emitocons

Jeseem said...

once one of my friends started this exercise on me. putting scenarios and asking how i would behave. and she was aghast. she called me vattucase (paagal) .

but yeah blogosphere is a nice place to meet friends. i guess it has more thinking people

Abhinav said...

I'm new to living e-lives and somtimes get scared of it... So my friends get surprise visits for no reason at all... I hope I never get used to the web... And I hope that I remember to tell my children that the print came before the blog... Tim-Berners Lee, what have you done to all of us? ;-)

Arun Srinivasan said...

"I have at least 3 friends since the past 3 years that I have not met in real life. They exist as email and chat ids and phone numbers."... Name them... May be when they see their name's u sure gonna make them smile which could make their day... "Being miles apart and haven't met once but still you can touch someone's life, bring a smile on their face, give the same warmth as if u were by their side"...may be its for this reason Virtual life is sometime more interesting and we all are so glued to it... Hope u wont check the mail, chat log nor ur phone book to name the 3... one more thing... jus do this.... take a pen , paper and list down all the phone number of the people whom u could think off... and then list down the e-mail ids of people whom u can think off... Any difference? hope u got my point!

saikat said...

i would like to mention a web forum called pagalguy out here..i have been a member for the last 3.5 years there..n i know hundredes of members there with whom i talk and communicate regularly...but have never met them...i have attended their offline meets in over 6 different cities...n must say..its a totally different feeling...for everyone creates a virtual identity and when you meet them and try to relate their real identity with the image you have in mind...sometimes it really gives both pleasant and unpleasant surprises


Aparna Kar said...

"everyone creates a virtual identity and when you meet them and try to relate their real identity with the image you have in mind...sometimes it really gives both pleasant and unpleasant surprises"
I know how it feels :)Btw, it just struck me that you are one of those very few friends whom I met in real life first. I still remember that chilly evening in Feb when I was running a temperature and that female dragged me out to meet. When you guys met, I was standing at a distance , disinterested. Remember? But when you walked up to me and shook hands, I thought you are such a bhodro chhele! Hee hee.

No complains now, I got a first class kicking bag ever since :D

Aparna Kar said...

p.s @saikat
Also, your first comment reminds me of the testimonial you you wrote me on orkut.
"rarely you find someone in life...who is so true to her this world of plastic emotions, you really cherish that special someone special...appu is one them...

the bestest of bestest friends...who will stand by your side, whether hail falls or hell falls :)...she will never fail to amaze you.. be it her whackiness when she can beat a kid in doin insane stuffs or when u can see her pondering over and giving u serious gyan...

i can only wish that there is always an upper curve on her lips and she realizes whatever insane dreams she ever dreams...

be the same..keep smiling :)


One of the best ways anyone could have ever described me :) Thanks Saiki

saikat said...

*thought you are such a bhadro chele* ...eeks see what u thought to be a bhadro..turned out to be a bandor of last category :P

yeah still rem that surely looked like someone had literally dragged out of your were waiting what 20 yards off in that scooty...when i heard u had fever ...i insisted on meeting you and thanking you for coming...*bhadro chele to the core*

but really enjoyed a lot in del...had loads of fun..including you and her hell bent of buying band-aid for me and me running away from it day 4 band-aids *phew*

to describe all of em will need a 300 book novel which no one will read :P

but then yeah good times and bad habits ;) never die

keep smiliN :)

saikat said...

the testimonial in orkut oops still have it under anon :)

hmm what i wrote will hold true for eons :)

Aparna Kar said...

Blogosphere has more thinking people or people tend to be more thinking in the blogosphere? Usually, when you are blogging, you are all by yourself. (I find it difficult to concentrate otherwise.) That tends to bring out your inner self , which might be subdued otherwise in your daily social interactions. I'm gregarious most of the times, I like to be with my friends and have a good time. But when I am blogging by the corner of my bed, you will find a quiet girl with sober demeanor- almost giving the impression that I am studying or preparing an assignment :D

Aparna Kar said...

Oh you never know.. get the facts in order and I will write that book. And for all I know, it has the potential to become a bestseller anytime. The appeal is universal.
And yeah, I still have it saved.I really miss your presence in orkut. Those crazy limericks we used to compose * sigh*
The frequent requests for "fraunsheep" and "lovesheeP" have decreased after I changed my status though. Dada finds it funny :D Once, I even thought of putting up "married" and "living with kids" to ward off potential head.. err.. leg.. err whatevah hunters.

About being dragged out of bed- I couldn't have said "no" to her even if I was half way into my kabar. She said that she absolutely had to meet you. And I thought "OMG it's serious!" And now I'm so lazy and disenchanted, I wouldn't probably go and meet someone even if my own mother asked me to:D

Aparna Kar said...

"So my friends get surprise visits for no reason at all..." Wow! I wish I had more friends like that. But life here is so fast, I wonder whether couples make appointments to meet each other too :(
"And I hope that I remember to tell my children that the print came before the blog.." tee hee hee. there's one good thing about being virtual though. Going paperless and saving (at least in theory) more trees.
On "Tim-Berners Lee, what have you done to all of us? ;-)"
Internet- raping your innocence since the 1990's
Watch this Internet is for porn

saikat said...

@ appu: yeah it never ceased to amuse me..the looooooooooooong list of frndsheep n luvsheep request both of you used to get...whadaaaaa list *phew*

yeah orkut was fun..n limericks heheeh we kicked some serious a$$ there :P ..dont worry orkut gaya..par blogosphere hain :D

hehehe i knew she had really pestered you to come...she had told me so..but it was a cold chilly del nite..three stranger meet...and then the story begins :P

abt the book...well i do have all the facts..can add up a bit of fiction...some facts can be perceived as fiction as getting some stuffs during elections n unearthly day..the story will be told :)...yeah the appeal has to be universal as somewhere..inside everyone is hideen a whacky..crazy kid :D

Aparna Kar said...

Errr.. I can't do that. Would hurt the sentiments of those whose names I don't mention and who are fairly acquainted with me. As long as I know the list myself, it's ok. But one thing I can say is that nick name "Misti Doi" tops the list. Maybe because I asked for a promise that we will never meet in real life. Somehow don't want to take the charm away or be disappointed. But who knows? :D

Aparna Kar said...

@mark iv
But you can always put your perspective for yourself , if not for others, to see. Or maintain a private blog maybe, only for yourself or an exclusive circle of friends. I had a look at your page. Will have to remember to update that on my blogroll. Someone asked if I really hop onto the list I have. Well, I try to.

Abhinav said...

Wish You A Very Happy Diwali And A Prosperous New Year. I've lights and noise and sweets all around me... Just wish it was more of lights and less of noise. And tomorrow morning, the sky will be all foggy and there will be no sunlight...But tomorrow is another story...

abir said...

i think a part of our human nature is to struggle to find that ONE important thing in life (or in various situations of life) ... however, my experience says everything is important ... a virtual connection is as important as a physical one -- after all, it helps us explore different sides in ourselves and others'

abir said...

btw, is that last pic from six feet under?

david santos said...

Fantastic work, very good. Thank you.

have a good weekend

Munmun said...

hehe! I have read that xkcd comic strip long back and laughed like crazy! Thanks for posting it! It's hilarious!! :D

Mishti Doi said...

you are the most precious possession that i owe to orkut/blog/internet

hail the beast(www)