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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yuppie! It's my first snow

The weather forecast said it's going to be 2 degree C today. And I did not know that it needn't be 0 to have a snowfall. Of course , now when I think of it, the upper atmosphere is colder. ( How could I have forgotten my Standard VII geography lesson: Air temperature drops uniformly with altitude at a rate of approximately 6.5° Celsius per 1000 meters)

So, when my roommate said it is snowing outside, I stopped whining about how I am going to miss my favorite class this Thursday (no MGT650 on Thanksgiving) and jumped with joy. I was about to go out in flipflops and shorts to save time but that would have been too adventurous for my health. I took exactly 5 secs to pick a coat, a cap, a pair of jeans and rush downstairs.

And I did everything I had always wanted to viz catch snowflakes with my tongue ( the cold sting is amazingly invigorating), let the snow flakes rest on my nose and eyelashes, and walk with chips of snow falling on my coat and melting at the tips of my shoes.

There's a beauty associated with everything you experience for the first time. Repetition often takes the charm away. But some things always make me happy. Like the rains. I said "Balls to the storm" to reach Cambridge once, when weather prediction was that Noel could hit. I can't see it as severity of weather , but as something different. (Not wise always.Note to myself)

I know winters can be boring with almost no outdoor activities. And indoor activities restricted only to watching movies, reading ,cooking or browsing the net ( How much can an average human being sleep? )But I am going to try and make the best of it. :)

But yeah, you miss your near ones at times like this :(

Why do I feel sometimes that the magnitude of my happiness depends on sharing it? OMG! I had a life! What am I doing to myself? Get out of it! Get out of it! *develops a severe case of OCD*

Ok. Here's a caption contest. Write whatever comes to your mind when you see these pics. I told AM : "Solitude is the mother of creativity" when he sent them in a mail saying :
picked up my cam and tried seeing things around the room ...
my life is restricted to my room ... and you say you don't have one?!!
Jesus! if only people would ... :D
well, tell me what you think about the pics ... and you can cut out the sweet things like "oh, they're nice" ... that's what i expect from other mortals, not you

Ok then, here you are: ( I know it totally depends on the mental frame you are in at a particular moment. I just want a snapshot of your mind. Don't dwell on it too much. Needn't be one word caption either)





vijay said...

Funny that you're querying that, and I'm looking into how can I can survive with less sleep.

arnab said...

haha! i was lucky that my first snow in b'more was about 4-5 inches... so we ended up doing the whole shebang - snowman and all :-) but i was officially hating snow before that first winter was over :P let's see what your position on snow ends up being...

Arun Srinivasan said...

for this winter i jus gonna hit top artic... lay flat and gonna watch northern lights for all night... other than tht normal plans follow! hope u will enjoy ur winter to the core... indoor or outdoor it doesnt matter!

Aparna Kar said...

Dunno about you. I can survive on 4 hrs per 24 hours. That's what I had been doing for the past 3 days. And of course, when I was in a job- I used to try and sleep by 2 or 3 am and wake up and get ready by 6 am :)

Aparna Kar said...

Building a snowman..Wow! I think I should wait until I see my cousins and elder Bro in Dec. And being the "equalist" I am, I might even demand a snow-woman. As long as the kids don't make them anatomically too right ..umm

Aparna Kar said...

You are having fun! I am pure jealous!

vijay said...

I cannot maintain sanity with less than 7 hours of sleep. I have tried, and failed miserably, again and again. Needless to say that I would like to cut down on my sleep but I really don't know how.

Aparna Kar said...

Oh u didn't mention the "sanity" clause :D I kept it to mere survival. It's true, you start feeling a bit odd after a few months of sleeplessness :D I felt it back then :p Still recovering :D

AM said...

cool!!! i see u wr right abt pic #3
it's too dark esp against the black background ... but let's leave it

and honey, you'll do lotsa skiing n stuff in winter -- who said there's no outdoor activities? it's just different activities ...

zoxcleb said...

#1. Winter or Fall? The conflict begins.

#2. Raindrops: Pristine beauty, or cluttering the view?

#4. Life today: Ambiance, liquor and a friend.

Aparna Kar said...

Don't worry. Even darkness makes sense sometimes. I could relate to it and remember the time I was living alone in Noida and would go to sleep watching the traffic lights making patterns on my wall through an open window. It's amazing what things you notice when you are by yourself that you miss out in a crowd. May be that is why creativity flows. You find an inspiration!

Aparna Kar said...


Well done. Great perspective!

Aparna Kar said...

p.s @AM
Not sure if I'll go skiing. But yeah, you can't do it all the time either :P

Anonymous said...

thought of bob marley song titles for each of the pics
no points for guessing i am a bob marley fan

1:misty morning
2:natural mystic
3:night shift
4:waiting in vain

vijay said...

1. Mess
2. Hope
3. Spirit
4. Adam's gear

FireWhisky said...

i love winters... i like the mischief in the wind that comes in during this season... [:D]

@ d pics...
1st - frosted leaves...
2nd - solitude in the rain...
3rd - City coms alive...
4th - Autumn conversations...

Sweetstickychewy said...

Lovely! i have yet to bath myself in snow now for the pics!:D

#1: When love and hate collides.

#2: A peek into the future - Hope

#3: Dark Shadows - Oppression

#4:Mix n Match - Variety

candid diary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
candid diary said...

#1 Should not the pic be rotated 90° CCW? (Am I obsessed with perfection?)
A flock of white birds descending on maple leaves.
#2 Surrealistic
#3 Nature, sometimes, paints itself in not-so-vivid colors but it does not mean she is gloomy
#4 Aha! Nature, electronic gadget and a call for cocktail – variegated thoughts of a human being trapped in a room. Reminds me of one of the comments in a post of yours – the camphor leaf in a copy of Jonathon Livingstone Seagull. If you like maple leaf so much here is a link

intelligent_bacteria said...

Deja reminds me of my last winter


A touch of coldness
The end of greenery
It's the same old story!!!


There's always some light on the other side of the storm.




My last autumn-evening when I got disconnected from the rest of the world.

Sam said...

Mmmm.... snow.. am jealous of you girl!! enjoy as much as u can!!

#1. A blur... an artist's ramble!!

#2: Drops on glass with light beyond... life can seem different wen viewed from beyond a glass adorned with water droplets!!

#3: Darkness with a shade of blue and a speck of light... and so hades claimes thee in the hour of darkness to mark as its own, but you resist!!

#4. Companionship... Even in the fall and the confines of a room, book and teh phone can keep you in touch with reality, probably egg you on to a dreamy state.. to keep hopes alive and porbably a promise of a live beyond... soaked in joy!!
For there is light amidst darkness....

Munmun said...

I guess everyone is an admirer of variety. While the feel of snow enthralls me at the very moment, I know of the people in Alaska or Norway who suffer from depression not being able to see the sun for 3-6 months coupled with snowfall for days together. They long for the warm weather of Africa.
I guess variety keeps us moving. Keeps us motivated for newer adventures. Life transcends beyond the idea of a collection of days to collection of vivid memories.
But often we become victims to the fact "the grass on the other side always appears greener!"
Is it a good thing to happen? Is it this feeling which keeps us moving towards newer varieties in life?
... some food for thought!

Prasoon said...

And you actually make me envious with your pictures :D

No click when you caught that snowflake on your tongue? Didn't your roommate click the crazy you ? :)

Have fun and enjoy while it snows.

Arun Srinivasan said...

For #4

Withered are not only the leaves,
Our conversations too!

Shantanu said...

Reminds me of the first time I encountered snow in the US. It was about 1AM in the night and we were phoning each other -- there were a bunch of us from India and we were going crazy with our first snowfall. I think we spent most of the night outside enjoying the stark beauty of silvery white against the black night skies!

Da Rodent said...

#1 good things happen too fast
#2 clouded perception
#3 reflections
#4 Motorola ad :P

Aparna Kar said...

Awesome captions. But I guess it would be fair only if AM himself judges the winners. To me, each comment had an appeal and opened a new vista of thoughts. TC and love

AM said...

... And so, i went through all the comments and picked the captions i liked ... PR helped me out as i knew she wd !!

Each of us have our own ways of
looking at things (just go through the captions if you don't believe me). I tried to associate each caption with what I felt when I took the picture, and have listed them too along with the

Background: It was the first day of snow this winter and one could feel the bite of cold; the change in mood was also evident...

Winner: A touch of coldness ( intelligent_bacteria )
Note: I corrupted the original
" A touch of coldness
The end of greenery
It's the same old story!!! "
since it seemed to fit in better

@ candid diary
Thanks for pointing out the orientation flaw ... my viewer can orient the pictures automatically, so I don't bother correcting them.
I should ...

Background: Snow turned to rain when it wasn't cold enough. I was alone in my room, working at night and looking out through the window saw this magical scene outside. I was trying to capture the lights on a strip mall further away, but the trees blocked a clear shot. And then I saw the sodium lamp's yellow glow light up the droplets, it was fantastic and I had it all to myself

a) Natural Mystic (Anonymous, Bob Marley fan)
b) Solitude in the Rain ( FireWhisky )

Background: As I lay down on the bed for the night, I looked at the shadows cast on the wall against my table. It made me wonder at the power of light and how a little light can make a lot of darkness seem bearable. So I got up, picked the camera, rested it against the pillow and clicked ...

a) Light in Hades' world ( inspired by Sam ...
"Darkness with a shade of blue and a speck of light... and so hades claimes [sic] thee in the hour of darkness to mark as its own, but you resist!!" )
Also, coz Tickle said I have a resemblance to Hades in this quiz ... might have changed since I took it :D
b) Reflections ( Da Rodent )

Background: I had an idea for a picture with the maple leaves, but I just couldn't get that right. So I thought of taking my mind off it for a while, and took this snap instead ... turns out this was better! :)
Winner: Autumn conversations ( FireWhisky )

@ zoxcleb
Your "Life today: Ambience, liquor and a friend" came a close second!


@ firewhisky
Congrats! You got two of the best captions, guess I owe you a prize.

@ aparna
Thanks for everything !!

Aparna Kar said...

My pleasure :)
Thanks to AM and PR and a big hug to both of you. Btw,about Firewhisky's gift. How about giving her a digital photoframe? Or she would prefer a hand made gift- as far as I know her :) Let me tell her first.

Sam said...

trust her (FW) with a book i tell u....

FireWhisky said...

@ AM n Sam... yup a book wud b perfect!!!